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Active calls shows current calls in real time and you can listen to G.711 calls in realtime (sniffer version >= 7). It refreshes according to the refresh interval (default 2 seconds). Calls can be filtered by national or international by clicking on combo box. The filter is also used to filter by sensor, IP, IP prefix or number. Depending on input the filter box adapts to correct the search. For example 192.168.% will filter all calls with source or destination IP addresses starting with Providing a number, for example 00, will filter all calls starting with 00. The filter searches for callid too. It searches for full callid (not a callid's substring). The search for callid's substring is possible too if you add % character to the start/end of the searched string.

Bottom graphs shows top most calls by caller IP or called IP.

Live calls are fetched from voipmonitor instance through manager TCP port 5029. If calls are not shown please check whether the web server has access to that port (for example by telnet localhost 5029).

You can open active calls with direct URL