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  dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.8-1_all.deb
  dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.8-1_all.deb

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install mysql

1)Go to the download page for the MySQL APT repository at mysql APT repo Select and download the release package for your Linux distribution. example:

mkdir /usr/src/mysql-repo
cd /usr/src/mysql-repo
wget https://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql-apt-config_0.8.8-1_all.deb

2)unpack and install the downloaded package

dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.8-1_all.deb

File:Mysql57 repo deb config.jpeg

3)Update packaging system with new repository added in previous step

apt-get update

4)Install new mysql server

apt-get install mysql-server

If you entered password during this step you can skip following

4b)change mysql authentication method from socket in case non password entered during installation

bash> mysql
mysql CLI> ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY ;

SOURCEs: quick guide for apt repo on mysql community

How to change authentication method for mysql's user