• We offer GUI server license (you host) or GUI in cloud (we host). The price is month/quarter/annual subscription including support maintanance and installation.
  • We accept USD and EUR via paypal, credit cards and bank transfer
  • If you would like to get formal quote please register and send quote request to info@voipmonitor.org


To see the GUI in action instantly please try our online demo version.

online demo

Server (you host)

  • 30 days trial
  • Full control
  • Unlimited data

Cloud (we host)

  • 30 days trial
  • PBX Resource friendly
    (no database / no web server)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Access from everywhere
  • Limited data

For European member states - you need to have valid EU VAT number to get prices without TAX. All other coutries are without VAT (VAT = 0%). You can insert your EU VAT number during the registration or edit your profile.