Cannot download pcap/audio from spooldir when using chrome and nginx

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If you are unable to download audio/pcap files from GUI in chrome, and you are using nginx as a web-server: enable "Developer tools = F12" and check in console - if You can see when tried to download file errors like following:

app-16.35.js:8 POST net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_RESPONSE

Change your nginx settings: vim sites-available/voipmonitor.conf

#  add_header              'X-Frame-Options' 'DENY';
add_header              'X-Frame-Options' 'SAMEORIGIN';

If GUI is accessible via for example, you can use following instead

#  add_header              'X-Frame-Options' 'DENY';
add_header              'X-Frame-Options' 'ALLOW-FROM';

And restart nginx service:

service nginx restart

change in a browser

Another approach is to install chrome extension "Ignore X-Frame headers" to ignore X-frame headers or to use another browser than chrome.