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For enable the parsing of ISUP/ss7 packets you need to use voipmonitor including wireshark libs

Generic ss7 ISUP support

sniffer binary

download static binary

you can download it from [sourceforge] the binary voipmonitor-wireshark-amd is the one that you need to gets used (download it, unpack and place it to /usr/local/sbin/voipmonitor)

make from sources

or you can get sources using git and then use make ss7 to build voipmonitor including wireshark libs

git clone ./sniffer-git
cd sniffer-git
make ss7
make install

sniffer settings /etc/voipmonitor.conf

add following option to sniffer's config


GUI's settings

There is no need to do any changes - there will appears new section SS7 in the GUI's menu after first SS7 call stored in to ss7 table in db.

Sonus STPs SS7

sniffer binary

make from sources

you need to get sources using git and then use make ss7 to build voipmonitor including wireshark libs (static binary cannot be used)

sniffer settings /etc/voipmonitor.conf

enable following options in sniffer's service config

ss7 = yes
ss7port = 7377
ss7callid = cic
ws_param = mtp3.heuristic_standard:TRUE
ws_param = mtp3.standard:ANSI
ws_param = mtp3.itu_pc_structure:3-8-3

GUI's settings /var/www/html/config/configuration.php

GUI requires additional options added to its configuration.php file:

define("TSHARK_PATHNAME", "tshark");
define("TSHARK_PARAMS_SS7_SONUS", "mtp3.heuristic_standard:TRUE;mtp3.standard:ANSI;mtp3.itu_pc_structure:3-8-3");

add and configure tshark with lua plugins

in usr/share/wireshark (or /usr/local/share/wireshark) create the file init.lua that contains


upload the lua files to same directory where init.lua was created (you can get lua files from voipmonitor sniffer sources in ./scripts/ss7/lua subfolder)


tshark -o 'mtp3.heuristic_standard:TRUE' -o 'mtp3.standard:ANSI' -o 'mtp3.itu_pc_structure:3-8-3' -r imf_sample.pcap -T json 'frame.number==22'

then wipe the packet #22 and use for voipmonitor upload - the output of tshark and voipmonitor should be same:

voipmonitor --config-file=./config/voipmonitor.conf -p XobmuJ -b voipmonitor_ipv6 -k -v1,dump_packets_via_wireshark -r imf_sample_frame22.pcap --json_config='[{"ws_param":"mtp3.heuristic_standard:TRUE"},{"ws_param":"mtp3.standard: ANSI"},{"ws_param":"mtp3.itu_pc_structure: 3-8-3"},{"ss7":"yes"},{"ss7port":"7377"},{"ss7callid":"cic"}]'