GUI in cloud (we host)

  • The price is annual/quarter/month subscription including support, maintenance and access to upgrades based on concurrent calls. If you would like to get quote for > 200 channels please send us quote request to
  • After you order trial or buy full license you need to download installation script in your My Services area.
  • The sniffer sends CDR over encrypted https channel to cloud and keeps encrypted connection open to cloud which is used to get pcap files from the sniffer on demand (when user requests pcap file or sip history etc).
  • Access to the cloud web interface is here where the username is your registration email and password is the same as you have to access this client area.
  • GUI features and look is exactly the same like our GUI server edition which you can deploy to your servers.
$0.00 USD
Free 30 days trial
$20.00 USD
3 channels
$50.00 USD
10 channels
$75.00 USD
35 channels
$100.00 USD
50 channels
$150.00 USD
100 channels
$200.00 USD
200 channels