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Dashboard allows placing panels with various types of data which can be refreshed on regular basis. The main purpose of this feature is to have realtime overview on the whole system or part of it. You can create your own panel layout templates and load them whenever you need them. Each user can create his own layouts which will be visible only to him or admin can creates global layouts visible for all users.

You can open dashboard template with direct URL


Dashboard default template

Add panel

You can add as many panels as you can fit to the main layout window. The panel can be resized and moved. The panel can be locked or unlocked so you cannot move or resize them. Current layout can be saved as template by clicking on "save" button providing name of the template. If you choose existing name of a previously created panel you will be asked if you want to replace the old one. Panels on current layout can be deleted at once by clicking on "remove all panels" button. When you click on "hide menu" the current layout will hide the left menu and current layout will have maximized size.

Panel types

When adding new panel you can choose between various panel types

CDR charts

This is analogical to the Charts section.

CDR charts

SIP responses (pie chart)

SIP responses pie chart

Top IP addresses

Top IP addresses

Custom CDR grid - by SIP IP

Custom grids allows to see total numbers of CDR grouped by source IP or destination IP and configure custom columns like MOS, Loss, Delay etc. You can also choose which column will be sorted by default.

Custom CDR grid - form

Custom CDR grid - by SIP IP

Custom CDR grid - by SIP response

Custom CDR grid by SIP responses are identical to Custom CDR grid - by SIP IP except the CDR rows are grouped by SIP responses instead of IP addresses. This is handful in case you need to see SIP responses numbers.

Custom CDR grid - by SIP IP