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Issue tracker is a tool meant mainly for ITSP operators where the operator can create a ticket and assign it to someone to solve a problem. The tickets' grid shows by default all tickets not closed. To create a new ticket press the New ticket button. A ticket can be assigned to different categories and can be assigned to a user. The user is notified by email that a new ticket was created and assigned to him. Each change is sent over email to creator and to assigned or participating users.


Ticket comments

Each ticket has its own history--shown by clicking on [+]. A ticket may also include file attachments such as pictures. A ticket can also have CDR relations which link CDR's directly to the ticket (assigning CDR to a ticket is done in the main CDR section). To see all assigned CDR's click on the related CDR tab. Each change in the ticket (such as closing it) is logged in comments.



Defines status of tickets. The status can be open or closed and can have their own color and name. One of the statuses can be set as the default which is then selected for the newly created ticket.



Categories is used to categorize tickets and can have its own text and background color. The default category is main.


Priority colors

Here you can modify priority colors, name and set the default priority.