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The SIP Register section shows three tables - Active registered SIP users, Failed registrations and State changes in SIP registrations. Those tables are filled once you enable sip-register = yes in /etc/voipmonitor.conf.

By default PCAP files are not saved for SIP register messages (it can easily overload file system). If you need to record SIP messages you can control this in capture rules main section and here in all three sections there are gray/red small circles which indicates if SIP messages are being recorded to pcap file so it can be retrieved by clicking on PCAP link. Clicking on the circle enables / disables recording. In the dialog window you can adjust values and set auto remove for the rule at specific date. Note: If you need to record all register packets by the sniffer instance without need to create capture rules in a GUI use sip-register-save-all=yes in its config (/etc/voipmonitor.conf)


Active table

The active table shows current registered users with this columns:


  • ID/sensor id shows internal unique ID and if enabled sensor id
  • datetime is time creation
  • User name / realm shows username and realm from REGISTER message
  • Source IP / Destination IP
  • From / To / Contact are values from SIP headers
  • Expires at shows date when the registration expires
  • User agent
  • Commands - download PCAP

On the picture below you can see a detail area where a sub-grid with state changes and failed registrations from the user name is located. This holds quick filters for a particular active user where you can quickly see his history. Once the SIP registration is expired the history is no longer in the Active table . Each expired registration is stored in the State table.


On the picture below you can see a detail area where a sub-grid with related CDR from the user name is located.


Failed table

The failed table shows failed SIP registrations. If some device fails to register continuously the counter column increases instead of creating a new row. If there is a one-hour gap between two failed registrations from the same user a new row will be created.


State table

The state table retains registration history where REGISTER, UNREGISTER and EXPIRE are saved. In each state row you can click on detail [+] to show all related SIP register messages to the selected user. If device registers in regular intervals it will not save state change in the state table but keeps the last registration status until the re-registration stops - then UNREGISTER will be the last register state change. If the device do not resend registration in time (register expires + 5 second) the last state will be EXPIRE (with red flag).