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Reports contains daily reports, instant report generator, Call summary, QoS report and CDR simplified view.

Daily email reports

Daily email Reports is similar as in alerts in the previous chapter with the difference that the report is sent once per day, and it can generate daily charts based on any criteria.


RTP daily report

The RTP daily report is for summarizing reports by RTP criteria: MOS, Packet loss, Jitter, delay (PDV), duration, one way and missing RTP.


daily charts report

Is for daily charts statistics. It is possible to create multiple charts within one report and filter CDR by any criteria – for example send daily charts for SIP trunks.


Creating a chart in the chart daily report shows a dialogue where you can create a custom chart based on filters based on all criteria (numbers, IP, RTP stats)


After creating some charts you can test the result by clicking on the preview report button and if you need to send a test email you can click on the send report button.



Report generator

The report generator allows the user to create a report from historical data based on various criteria.

  • Only CDR with RTP checkbox is used to create report for only connected or all CDR. Please note that ASR will be always 100% if you have checked this option.


After choosing the Date, IP ranges and QoS parameters table with results shows up below the form.


Call summary

Call summary is a brief overview grouped by IP source/destination IP addresses focused on signalling quality metrics including ASR, ACD, Total duration and total number of calls. The toolbar can be used to search by date range and also filter calls by source or destination numbers.


QoS report

QoS report is similar to Call summary but more focused on RTP statistics such as MOS, Jitter, Delay and Packet loss. The toolbar can be used to filter by date range and IP range.


Call detail Records

Call detail records is a simplified interface to CDR showing IP and numbers with quick toolbar filters.