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MTR shows the trace from VoIPmonitor WEB server to a selected IP address. The output is from the linux mtr tool which runs for 10 seconds and sends 10 packets.


IP lookup

An IP lookup table is used to substitute IP addresses in various places, such as CDR view. IP lookup table takes precedence over the DNS. To enable the IP lookup enable database IP reverse lookup is Settings -> system configuration.


Prefix lookup

The prefix lookup table is used to substitute numbers in various places like CDR view. The prefix lookup table takes precedence over the IP lookup and DNS. To enable IP lookup set ENABLE_SQL_CUSTOMER_PREFIX_LOOKUP to true in config/configuration.php


Load pcap

Here you can upload a pcap file captured by any tool using the libpcap format which includes tcpdump, tshark, wireshark, voipmonitor and others. An uploaded pcap file is read by voipmonitor:

voipmonitor --config-file /etc/voipmonitor.conf -r upload.pcap

where /etc/voipmonitor.conf can be changed in Settings -> system configuration -> upload sniffer conf path.

Batch download CDR Wav

This feature allows download WAV files in batch uploading list of calls in CSV file.


example CSV file



  • Telephone - Caller or Called number
  • Lead Number - Can be used to identify record in csv log. Log is exported along with audio/pcap files in a batch.
  • Start Time - CDR is located in db with two passes in case that cdr was not found in first pass with exact Start Time. In second pass is used +-5 minutes interval.

Concurrent calls stats

this shows maximum (during the whole day) concurrent calls statistics for last 14 days which are averaged by 60 minute window - the algorithm counts the maximum number of concurrent calls (connected) on each minute throughout the whole day and calculates average number of concurrent calls from the last 60 minutes at any given minute. The final number of calls for day is maximum average number of concurrent calls.

This is how the license for GUI is applied. If VoIPmonitor creates CDR for each of CDR leg this graph shows it both. For example if you have 100 calls and each call is seen as carrier -> PBX and PBX -> local phone, here you will see 200 calls. In this case you do not need license for 200 calls but for 100.

If the voipmonitor detects more channels than your current license the sniffer will still write CDR and pcaps but the GUI will inform users that the license is over quota and will block within 14 days which is the time to contact us and either upgrade or resolve the license (reset in case of accident / attack etc.)