25.0.3 14.06.2019

  • properly fix version number

25.0.2 14.06.2019

  • add missing scripts/ipv6_alter.sql
  • fix version number

25.0.1 13.06.2019

  • IPv6 - fix issue with ip type in socket create

25.0 12.06.2019

  • ipv6 support! [VG-1350]
  • fix storing ssl_sessions if query_cache is enabled
  • added CPU count + hyperthread flag to the syslog output
  • add option packetbuffer_disable (for testing purpose)
  • remove lifetime from srtp key [VS-925]
  • suppress set flag zerossrc_detected for not-rtp packets, allow space (' ') terminator in domain detect [VS-928]
  • fix udptl packets shorter than 12 bytes (fixes T.38 FAXes) [VS-927]
  • fix vlan tag handling for SIP register failed [VS-926]
  • fix parse domain from: "To: sip:domain" [VS-914]
  • fix sip reason for multi INVITE (check branch in CANCEL packets) [VS-921]
  • new option strict for rtp_check_both_sides_by_sdp [VS-929]

24.2.1 10.05.2019

  • add build options (--with-dpdk-include, --with-dpdk-lib) for including the headers and libraries.
  • change sip-register-compare-to_domain to yes as default

24.2 23.04.2019

  • fix issue with sipcalledip vs proxy ip [VS-911]
  • add cleandatabase_sip_msg option for the cleaning of the OPTIONS/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY
  • new option storing_cdr_next_threads (dfault 0)
  • new options remoteparty_caller, remoteparty_called (see voipmonitor.conf)

24.1.1 10.04.2019

  • fix issue with set lastSIPresponse if any of legs is canceled [VG-1808]

24.1 10.04.2019

  • new legs merging option (call_id_alternative = Session-ID,Join) developed mainly for merging Cisco CUCM legs / bridges [VS-906]
  • fix SKIP flag in capture rules for IP / both [VS-909]
  • warn if max_allowed_packet is low [VG-1812] [VS-903]
  • increase limit for mysqlstore_max_threads_message (9 -> 30)
  • added support for codec MP4A-LATM [VS-907]
  • support for generating logs [VG-1808]

24.0.4 22.03.2019

  • fix SIP INFO (DTMF) corrupted packet in pcap file
  • fix compilation with mysqlclient librray v.8
  • do not insert log to log_sensor when parameter --run-droppartitions-maxdays is used

24.0.3 19.03.2019

  • add new manager command: get_oldest_spooldir_date

24.0.2 14.03.2019

  • fix new silence MOS around DTMF frames

24.0.1 14.03.2019

  • fix 24.0 MOS silence (properly reset counter)

24.0 14.03.2019

  • fix MOS score for calls longer than 10 seconds - within the lenght of the call the MOS score (calculated every 10 seconds intervals) gradually increases to 4.5 (MOS score was wrongly delimited by total number of packets instead of last 10 second interval). Broken since 2016 (>= 17.0.1)
  • new silence frame detection for G711a/u codec which treats absolute silence 20ms frames as packet loss providing new MOS score values (mos_silence_min and mos_silence_avg) - this enables detection of dropped frames behind SIP providers where there is no RTP issues. silencedetect must be set to yes in /etc/voipmonitor.conf (default is disabled) and cdr table must be upgraded (altered). More information http://www.voipmonitor.org/doc/Silence_detection
  • fix unlink temp files from unzip in load pcaps via scanpcapdir [VS-897]
  • fix SQL error when FAS and DTMF detection was enabled (sniffer were losing batch of CDR inserts)
  • fix SIP history in GUI for TCP packets (enhanced duplicity check in sip reassembly) [VS-900]
  • fix memory leak in client/server mode when time is desynced [VS-901]

23.7.1 10.03.2019

  • fix broken mirroring in 23.7 (indefinite query: select * from cdr_sip_response)

23.7 08.03.2019

  • new SQL mode for cloud mode
  • set default sipport to 5060
  • do not log cannot be converted to WAV because the codec to syslog [VS-873]
  • implement reassemble of decrypted SIP packets [VS-890]

23.6.1 11.02.2019

  • fix 23.6 regression sql store_001 error

23.6 08.02.2019

  • fix deadlock when OPTIONS/NOTIFY/SUBSCRIBE feature is enabled
  • ssl sessions will now expire after 12 hours which fixes [call __insert_99();]: 1114 - The table 'ssl_sessions_mem' is full. There is new option ssl_store_sessions_expiration_hours to change it [VS-872]
  • fix set threading mode 5 a 6 in server mode / new config
  • fix crash when using RRD and custom libpcap [VS-881]
  • mysql_enable_multiple_rows_insert is enabled by default now
  • fix slow start when cdr_ua has millions records [VS-883]
  • fix dns resolve for static builds on arm [VS-884]

23.5 17.01.2019

  • new option quick_save_cdr = NO/yes/quick when 10 seconds timeout when call ends between database write is too long (default is disabled which is recommended) [VS-879]
  • fix rare crashes for certain configurations
  • fix SIP REGISTER expiration when expire is short (like 30 seconds) and is renewing it 5 seconds before it timeouts [VS-869]
  • update SIP REGISTER UA and other information with every other SIP REGISTER packets [VG-1747]

23.4 08.01.2019

  • add more conditions in custom's headers [VS-856]
  • support for multiple inserts fore some cdr_tables (mysql_enable_multiple_rows_insert, mysql_max_multiple_rows_insert)
  • accept character X or shorter syntax in SIP response codes. E.g. 3,3XX,48,48X,483 [VS-856]
  • support for DLT_MTP2_WITH_PHDR (SS7 pcap from sangoma wanpipemon), fix load ss7-pcap via -r
  • add filters for useragent,domain into active calls [VG-1647]

23.3.1 18.12.2018

  • fix mysql connection broken in 23.3

23.3 18.12.2018

  • add the 'tel:' string into allowed prefixes in the From, To headers [VS-864]
  • significantly speed up sniffer start on slow MySQL TCP connections (lower number of mysql queries) [VS-867]

23.2 05.12.2018

  • add cdr flag for zero SSRC detection [VS-844]
  • add a whitelists option (cdr_ua_reg_whitelist) for allowed User Agents names. User agent string not matching regexp will be replaced with string 'banned UA' [VS-840]
  • parse the "Reason:" header only from BYE or CANCEL. It can be disabled by get_reason_from_bye_cancel option. [VS-858]
  • SIP RE-REGISTER without digest string should not be treated as new registration. This should fix SIP REGISTER expirations [VS-849]
  • SIP ALG detection for calls and registers [VG-1140]
  • add support for 20ms iLBC frame size [VS-862]
  • properly remove cdr_siphistory partitions even if they are disabled [VS-861]
  • fix crash in call adjustUA from registers / options
  • fix saverfc2833 for some cases [VS-859]
  • fix ppoe tcp reassembly [VS-860]

23.1 02.11.2018

  • added support for disabling / enabling DTMF capture in capture rules [VS-796]
  • fix issue with separated firts byte in ssl encoding [VS-855] [VS-857]
  • suppress logs "malloc trim, release, purge"

23.0.2 25.10.2018

  • fix cdr_rtpsrcport option which was ignored [VS-848]
  • fix performance in mirror mode when compiled as -O0
  • add command line parameter --big-jitter-resync-threshold which sets jitter_resync_threshold to 5000 (used by GUI to generate audio)
  • options, notify, subscribe - fix cleanup time limit

23.0.1 17.10.2018

  • fix crash in SRTP [VS-845]
  • properly fix MOS score when in SDP is a=inactive (HOLD) [VS-842]

23.0 04.10.2018

  • FAS (False Answer Supervision) detection - new option =
  • implement sip options, subscribe, notify parser. New voipmonitor.conf options: sip-options, sip-subscribe, sip-notify, save-sip-options, save-sip-subscribe, save-sip-notify [VG-45]
  • new option rtpip_find_endpoints when if enabled (default no and set to yes if callidmerge_header is set to yes) elimites RTP stream coming from RTP proxies (useful only when there are >=4 RTP streams in one SIP session) [VS-828]
  • added support for storing SIP REGISTER pcaps to secondary spool [VS-821]
  • added help command to manager interface [VS-222]
  • optimize sniffer for high calls per second throughput (when t2_boost option is enabled)
  • detect in-dialog invite cseq which fixes end of RTP when reINVITE negotiated codec which was refused (typical for T.38 reinvites) [VS-833]
  • fix store SDP to cdr_sdp table (for IP and remove duplicity if set save_sdp_ipport=all) [VG-1628]
  • new memory_purge_interval and set it to 60 seconds instead of 1 second which caused frequent TLB shootdown which caused overhead on extreme traffic)
  • do not process RTP packets after receiving CANCEL (it can be turned off by option ignore_rtp_after_cancel_confirmed) VS-830
  • added qring_full debug parameter example: -v1,qring_full>5 will check buffers between threads
  • fix low MOS and false packet loss in case RTP is interleaved with another SSRC RTP stream [VS-838]
  • fix parsing domain from tag To: sip:123@Domain
  • fix MOS score when in SDP is a=inactive (HOLD) [VS-842]

22.12.2 07.09.2018

  • fix crash in dssl (ssl_store_sessions)
  • fix parsing text element in SIP reason header [VS-826]

22.12.1 28.08.2018

  • fix cleaning spooldir if maxpoolsize is not set
  • process more blocks in the RTCP-XR message (fixes 0 in MOS-XR)

22.12 28.08.2018

  • pcapcommand / filtercommand are now not blocking the sniffer [VS-744]
  • store ip in SDP to the database [VG-1628]
  • add ip filter in fraud "change cdr country" [VG-1648]
  • allos set cdr_ignore_response = 0 (or cdr_ignore_response = 000)

22.11.1 21.08.2018

  • fix small memory leak for cloud / client - server
  • fix file size counting on XFS filesystem (cliening spool) [VS-822]
  • storing ssl sessions key to DB is enabled now by default [VS-594]
  • fix issue with dynamic custom headers in database backup [VS-823]
  • set group_concat_max_len to 100000000

22.11 20.08.2018

  • preserve SSL/TLS keys between sniffer restarts - new options ssl_store_sessions (default NO)
  • add query cache files (SQLf) counter to RRD [VG-1619]
  • change country_code char(5) -> varchar(5) (no automatic conversion, only if table is created again)
  • if SQL procedure does not exists drop the current one [VS-820]
  • client / server mode - use server parameters 'deduplicate' and 'use_blocks' in client only if client run in packetbuffer_sender mode [VS-819]
  • new option liveaudio (default yes) - it is possible to disable realtime audio listening globally [VS-811]

22.10.2 10.08.2018

  • exclude SIP MESSAGES type from realtime concurrent calls [VG-1624]
  • fix crash in SSL/TLS

22.10.1 08.08.2018

  • fix live sniffer packet store (broken since 22.10) [VS-817]
  • optimize pcap store to disk (less memory allocations)

22.10 19.07.2018

  • clean spooldir without need to connect to the mysql database. Cleaning is now more reliable if there is slow or temporary lost connection to mysql.
  • fix crashes in IP defragmentation [VS-810]
  • fix ssl decode (fixes problem when some calls stopped working over TLS and phone had to be restarted to show in voipmonitor again)
  • fix merging packets when sniffingn on different interface types
  • fix live sniffing for OPTIONS / SUBCRIBER / REGISTER [VG-1630]
  • fix deduplication if only ttl changes in IP header (fixes some audio decode issues) [VS-812]
  • fix set country prefix if nanpa check fails [VG-1629]
  • fix utf strings in voipmonitor (fixes problem with mysql 8 compatibility)

22.9.3 19.07.2018

  • cdr_ignore_response can now filter also by other parameters: cdr_ignore_response = 403 name=abc ip=, 404 number=%123%, 405 number=.*123.* ip=

22.9.2 17.07.2018

  • fix crash if ip defrag sum is greater than 0xFFFF [VS-810]
  • fix gcc 8 warnings

22.9.1 16.07.2018

  • fix MariaDB partition creation (broken since 22.9

22.9 12.07.2018

  • add parameter to international rules - minimum legth for apply nanpa rules [VG-1578]
  • optimize SQL (cache selects internally which should lower CPU on mysql)
  • add support for mysql 8
  • fix crash in ssl - stop / reinit ssl session after ssl error [VS-801]
  • add manager command setverbparam (for debug purpose only)
  • fix one way audio when decrypting SRTP [VS-808]

22.8.1 02.07.2018

  • add support for SIP OPTIONS in live sniffer [VS-806]
  • fix audio decoding when multiple streams present in call for some cases [VG-1607]
  • fix whohanged flag which can be assigned to another side [VS-807]

22.8 28.06.2018

  • add support for INVITE and MESSAGE with the same Call-ID [VS-792]
  • terminate the sniffer if SIGTERM is sent twice [VS-800]
  • fix unnecessary multiple test connection to mysql [VS-795]
  • add lock option to cdr_check_exists_callid [VS-803]
  • fix cloud mode container install when /usr/local/sbin is missing

22.7 19.06.2018

  • fix client/server/cloud configuration loading from DB [VG-1572]
  • fix rare racecondition crash
  • fix parsing client-random key [VG-1494]
  • fix memory leak if SIP MESSAGE contains RTP stream [VS-791]
  • implement SIP OPTIONS parser [VS-614]
  • do not set seenbyeandok flag for CANCELED SIP branch [VS-788]
  • added support for sip domains filter in CHANGE REGISTER COUNTRY alerts [VG-1598]
  • do not try to decrypt SRTP if there is no key for decryption (DH key exchange) [VG-786]
  • fix crashing on ARM when statically linked [VS-787]
  • fix REGISTER expire state for failed REGISTER packets in expire time [VS-798]

22.6.1 22.05.2018

  • new options sdp_ignore_ip and sdp_ignore_ip_port which will ignore IP addresses (or IP and port) in SDP
  • fix RTP lenght report in SIP history flow (in GUI) [VG-1589]
  • fix audio sync (for silence frames) - broken since 22.5.2 [VG-1588]

22.6 16.05.2018

  • support for custom auto cleaning [VG-1557]
  • fix checksum calculation when mirroring in client/server mode (when 32bit sends to 64bit sniffer) [VS-783]
  • fix RTP detection in case INVITE is sent from A -> B but responses are coming from C -> A [VS-784]
  • fix relatime audio listening [VG-1579]
  • fix crash if pcap_dump_zip_graph = lzo
  • fix crashes in some scenarios
  • fix compilation without gcrypt

22.5.2 26.04.2018

  • wavmix: skip silent intervals (if greater than 1s) in mix

22.5.1 25.04.2018

  • fix realtime audio listening (fix rtp-seqno rotation)
  • fix selection of rtp stream for audio play (fixes some audio issues)
  • do not modify called number from reverse INVITE when last_dest_number option is enabled.
  • deduplication accross all interfaces must be now explicitely enabled with new option auto_enable_use_blocks = yes
  • fix deduplication for fragmented packets

22.5 16.04.2018

  • fix store cdr_sdp if skip ip ==
  • added support for send call info after first invite (with and without reply) (GUI:Settings->send call information) [VS-778]
  • new option interface_ip_filter speeds up filter = host ip or host ip2 or host ip3 ... (details in voipmonitor.conf) [VS-776]

22.4 05.04.2018

  • added support for packet deduplication in all modes (client - server)
  • automatically enable optimized sniffer parameters in client - server mode if deduplication is enabled
  • modify db timeout [VS-770]
  • fix crash when sniffer is terminating (add call restoreOneshotBuffer before cancel read thread)
  • fix save seq, ack_seq in tcp header (fixes TCP reassembled packet in PCAP)
  • fix configuration options when sniffer is in server mode: fbasenameheader, matchheader, callidmerge_header, pauserecordingheader [VS-775]

22.3 28.03.2018

  • deduplication now works accross all interfaces
  • fix parsing l2tp & tzsp in use_block (t2_boost) mode
  • fix race collision in merge calls [VS-769]
  • fix issue with sdp in reverse invite (fixes audio decode also) [VG-1540]
  • fix ua filter in alert 'SIP REGISTER user agent' add missing split by \r, \n add substitute % -> .*

22.2 21.03.2018

  • added test parameter --find-country-for-ip (which will output country) [VG-1529]
  • use table geoip_customer (in gui menu Settings / Customer GeoIP) to find country by ip [VG-1529]
  • fix override billing rules (apply override number rule only if value > 0) [VG-765]
  • fix crash if gui table country_code_prefix is missing or empty [VS-767]
  • use poll instead of select (as default) in socket operations which solves some stability issues
  • added support for VLAN and PPPoE combination

22.1.1 14.03.2018

  • fix billing rules for substring prefixes - if there were rules like 234, 2345 and number 23456 - the 2345 never matched in favor of 234 [VS-765]
  • fix compilation without gnutls lib