2024.05.2 04.05.2024

  • fix crash in manager command listcalls (if parameters contain ip_map:yes without set limit)

2024.05.1 02.05.2024

  • ptime implementation - parsed from SDP and analysed from RTP (store ptime for both caller/called) - database alter is required (GUI -> tools -> check mysql schema) [VG-1091]
  • new fast deduplication algorithm - murmur
  • added to active calls: number of calls by rtp ip src / dst, number of calls by caller / called numbers [VG-2129]
  • delay between INVITE and TRYING was measured from the first INVITE - this is now changed to the corresponding INVITE and not the first INVITE. The old behaviour can be changed by new option response_time_from_first_invite [VG-2798]
  • add support for cleandatabase by size [VS-1586]
  • create RTCP payload from HEP3. Fix IP defrag in hep client emulation [VS-1594]
  • number of required connections between gui and sniffer was optimised
  • HEP3: accept protocol_id ESP, enable all TCP ports in client emaulation [VS-1597]
  • ssl keylogger - add define option BOTH_METHODS to allow simultaneous use of SSL_CTX_set_keylog_callback and SSL function hooking [VS-1588]
  • suppress load query cache files if set query_cache=no [VS-1585]
  • backup/migration - skip non-existing tables in the source, adding a parameter database_backup_slave_record_safe_gap to allow specifying (or disabling) safe gaps for slave records
  • fix problem with the availability of the last pcap in the zstd archive before it is closed
  • fix typo in constraint creating in sip_msg table (case no db partition) [VS-1587]
  • fix tcp reassemble for some corner cases
  • fix crash in hep3/ipfix client emulation

2024.04.1 02.04.2024

  • for each sniffing interface do not use ethtool but kernel api instead. Number of interrupt queues are lowered to 8 automatically (or less depending on cpu cores). New parameter eth_max_channels controls it.
  • adding the ability to join reference crd tables when backing up (or migrating) the database (database_backup_merge_reference_tables = yes/NO)
  • fix keyloger compilation (add dl lib) [VS-1574]
  • using kernel api instead of ethtool and automatically set channels to 8 if set more
  • checking every minute whether cleaning should occur due to autoclean parameters [VS-1576]
  • fix problem with manager encryption if opt_nocdr=yes is enabled
  • added support for column ordering in active calls [VG-2782]
  • sensor_id in cdr is assigned by receiver sensor id and not sender (fixes pcap downloads) [VG-2784]
  • added new cdr flag when RTP duplication is detected (so it can be searched in DB / GUI) [VS-1582]
  • normalize text in sip responses, s850 reason and user agents (removes unique strings) - helps to maintain database smaller. This can be controlled by new options cdr_sip_response_normalisation, cdr_reason_normalisation, cdr_ua_normalisation - if you want to enable it - set them to yes

2024.03.1 10.03.2024

  • allow registrations in live sniffer even if sip-register=no, disable query_cache for live sniffer [VG-2771]
  • fix deadlock on some qemu virtualisations

2024.02.6 29.02.2024

  • fix slow communication on TCP manager between sniffers (1 second delay per 1 MB)
  • fix ssl keylogger compilation
  • do not call dns_lookup_common_hostnames when reading file with -r

2024.02.5 26.02.2024

  • reset errno before call recv on tcp manager socket - fixes stuck in manager or 100% cpu usage

2024.02.4 26.02.2024

  • fix issue with nocdr vs mirror sender
  • set the manager command 'totalcalls' as a command for which encryption is not necessary

2024.02.3 23.02.2024

  • fix upgrading / enabling encryption on tcp manager socket - in some situations the socket hangs with 100% CPU
  • encryption is disabled when old mirroring sender is used - please use the newer client/server for packet mirroring
  • auto enable t2_boost_direct_rtp_delay_ms=2000 if t2_boost=high_traffic is enabled

2024.02.2 20.02.2024

  • Adding encryption support for communication between php and sniffer manager which is now by default (port 5029). New GUI is required for activate it. [VG-2751]
  • Update systemd service file.
  • fix crash in read rtp without sip (with use --rtp-nosig) [VS-1560]
  • fix ssl keylog compilation, fix for wolfssl
  • fix crash in decompress tar to file (which is used when upgrading to the develop version)
  • -flto is now disabled by default in configure
  • fix SSL/TLS detection for Mysql 8.x [VS-1562]
  • limit log ether_type 0xFFFF only if this condition occurs more than 100 times per minute [VS-1563]
  • create separate sql queue for sip_msg (options/subscribe/notify)
  • set 3 threads by default to store cdr, messages, sip_msg and registrations; the next threads only start when 1000 requests are not completed
  • modify rrd to show the sip_msg queue graph (creating an alter to add a data source)
  • change sip-subscribe=no and sip-notify=no as default option (it needs to be enabled in voipmonitor.conf to store them)
  • read configuration from db only if --config-file is specified
  • fix crash in decompress tar to file

2024.02.1 02.02.2024

  • fix killing old watchdog scripts after running sniffer after crash/abort

2024.01.6 31.01.2024

  • fix no traffic passing through when max_buffer_mem is set to low values [VS-1552]

2024.01.5 30.01.2024

  • since 31.9 deduplication was enabled by default with fast CRC32 but there exist collisions which skips some SIP messages leading to ignore some calls. Deduplication is now disabled by default again and md5 hash is used instead of crc if deduplication is enabled. Faster hashes will be added in the future.
  • fix memory leak for all > 31.9 versions when short / non RTP packet arrives to the IP/port combination of some call [VS-1551]
  • fix ipfix and hep client emulation if pcap contains ipv6 [VS-1550]

2024.01.4 29.01.2024

  • TCP manager security fix (if you can not control access to the voipmonitor manager TCP port 5029 - upgrade is strongly advised)
  • change default value for option detect_alone_bye to no. This option can cause excessive load to the database - more details was documented in the voipmonitor.conf [VS-1547]
  • add 'force' option for 'enable_semicolon_in_number' - enable semicolon in a number even if it is not followed by [0-9] [VS-1538]
  • fix threading_expanded = high_traffic mode (some early RTP pakcets were missing due to packet reorder/race in queue) - high_traffic option is not enabled by default [VS-1545]
  • fix HEAP_HASHTABLE on 32bit sniffer

2024.01.3 24.01.2024

  • discard defective packets for which a negative datalength is calculated (might cause crash)
  • adding an unlimited number of attempts to connect client to server [VS-1542]

2024.01.2 23.01.2024

  • add support for option cdr_check_exists_callid in cloud mode [VS-1534]
  • fix spool dir check if additional spool directories are defined [VG-2743]
  • fix popen deadlock in findMysqlProcess on some configurations [VG-2743]
  • correct proxy detection if source ip is same as source ip proxy but with different source port [VS-1539]
  • added gzip to pcap_dump_zip_sip [VS-1541]
  • added length condition len <= 0xFFFFF to deduplicate
  • add packet lenght sanitization in packet deduplication [VS-1540]

2024.01.1 05.01.2024

  • modify proxy and dst ip detection - use via.branch and confirmed invite matches [VS-1536]

2024.01 04.01.2024

  • fix potential race condition / crash in tar if data entry is extremely delayed
  • added support for upgrading sniffer from develop branch
  • fixed minor issues detected by cppcheck
  • if pcap limit is set store it to the cdr.flag [VS-1514]

2023.12.3 20.12.2023

  • fix tls decode for some cases and cypher suites (messages were shortened) broken since 2012.11.0

2023.12.2 15.12.2023

  • force connection close on server in client/server which shortnes socket timeout which fixes too many mysql connections issue (all sniffer versions)

2023.12.1 11.12.2023

  • fix crc sse invalid instruction some servers
  • better filter for server/client traffic in packtebuffer_sender mode [VS-1524]
  • fix -flto warning
  • reducing the minimum required version of zstd to 1.4.4
  • dequeu queue modification on packetbuffer output add 20% heap limit for queue, add 'deq[N1/N2]' statement to log, N1 is the number of percent of the heap the dequeu queue occupies, N2 is the current amount of time contained in the queue [VS-1521]

2023.12.0 06.12.2023

  • force heap cleanup if the size is greater than 20%
  • fix potential crash in setSchedPolPriority
  • suppress call createMysqlPartitionsBillingAgregation if is_client() is true [VS-1514]
  • add SRTP ROC find, fixes sip oneway issue [VS-1518]
  • log to syslog if ether_type is 0xFFFF (happens on old vmware nic drivers) and add testing command: voipmonitor --check_bad_ether_type eth0

2023.11.8 30.11.2023

  • change gcc options for static builds to -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic which fixes support for all 64bit architectures. Optimised versions with SSE3 and SSE4 will come later.

2023.11.7 30.11.2023

  • change DNS resolver to c-ares in static builds which fixes compatibility issue on old sysmtes preventing auto upgrade (download.voipmonitor.org resolve fails)

2023.11.6 28.11.2023

  • fix crash in illegal instruction in crc32 when server does not have SSE 4.2 and sniffer is in client mode forced to crc32 by the sniffer server

2023.11.5 28.11.2023

  • fix crash in destroySession if SslDsslSession does not contain a valid session
  • change zstd default level compression for sip and graph from 3 to 1 which lowers memory foot print by half with almost same compression ratio
  • remove options tar_sip_level, tar_rtp_level, tar_graph_level and replace them with *_gzip, *_lzma, *_zstd variants

2023.11.4 25.11.2023

  • fix illegal instruction in libcurl 2023.11.X on < haswell when sniffer upgrades itself. Manual upgrade is needed when on version >= 2023.11.1 and <= 2023.11.3 on < haswell CPU

2023.11.3 24.11.2023

  • fix illegal instruction in zstd 2023.11.X on < haswell

2023.11.2 24.11.2023

  • fix illegal instruction in snappy 2023.11.1

2023.11.1 24.11.2023

  • static builds uses gcc12 with the latest libc. Minimum kernel version is now >= 3.2.0

2023.11.0 21.11.2023

  • voipmonitor.conf overhaul
  • speed optimisations in threading processing (reduce locks and contentions, automatic add/remove threads in t2 processes)
  • static builds is now compiled with -O3 and -flto (increases memory throughput)
  • t2_boost renamed to threading_expanded with new option high_traffic (high traffic will be default in near future)
  • max_buffer_mem is et to 2000MB if the max_buffer_mem parameter is not present in the configuration
  • new scheduler thread prioroity - sched_* options in voipmonitor.conf. By default sniffer sets NICE -20 to all important threads.
  • automatically enable hashtable_heap_size=64 (64MB) if max_buffer_mem is at least 1000MB
  • replace gzip with zstd compression which has the same compression ratio but is 5x faster (the latest GUI version is REQUIRED!) [VS-1496]
  • add support for LZ4 compression for pcap compression (slightly faster than lzo but worse compression ratio)
  • replace packet deduplication md5 with crc32 (including hw support on supported intel xeons) and enable deduplication by default - on high traffic 1-3 cpu cores are spared [VS-1497]
  • ./configure script now compiles with -O3 and supports static linking with the latest mariadb
  • fix ss7 configure script
  • support CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for ./configure params
  • limit maximum number of possible INVITE packets within one call to prevent sniffer CPU overload [VS-1488]
  • fix issue with audio creation if stream contains 0 received packets (due to probation test). New option disable_rtp_seq_probation = yes/NO [VS-1494]
  • fix storing loss to rtp_stat [VG-2683]
  • ignore_rtp_after_bye_confirmed is now yes by default
  • detect_alone_bye is now yes by default
  • query_cache is now yes by default
  • mysql_queue_limit = 1000000 is now default
  • dscp is now yes by default
  • fix early destroy_call_at for multibranch calls [VS-1504]
  • fix realtime concurrent call alert if the call changes between local and international states during processing [VS-1506]
  • fix problem with seq synchronization in tls 1.3 after restoring session from ssl_sesions table [VS-1505]
  • limit the number of 'to much INVITEs' messages in the syslog [VS-1507]
  • fix crash in sll to en10 conversion [VS-1508]
  • fix custom headers reload [VS-1509]?

31.9 05.09.2023

  • new threads were spawned too late on high traffic servers - thread CPU usage is now performed in shorter intervals (was 10seconds) [VG-2672]
  • lower memory usage for cdr trends
  • fix dst SIP ip for some cases (broken in 31.8) [VS-1492]
  • fix audio decode for some cases (enable the use of a stream with zero received packets in the ab stream selection) [VS-1494]

31.8 24.08.2023

  • added Session Establishment Effectiveness Ratio (SEER) metric (https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6076#page-19) [VG-2659]
  • add register last sip response code 699 as failed state [VS-1459]
  • apply new option 'only one' after skip/trim prefixes in country rules [VS-2658]
  • add support for voipmonitor / wireshark mode switcher in rtp analyzer [VS-1474]
  • diameter - add option diameter_ignore_prefix = yes/NO, add relation between public_identity and sip_from [VS-1420]
  • set MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT so the mysql connection is reconnected automatically within the mysql library
  • fix livesniffer for long uid [VS-1455]
  • fix time overflow when packets are out of order [VS-1461]
  • correctly parse header even if it is delimited only by '\r' [VS-1460]
  • fix some low MOS rare cases [VS-1465]
  • fix issue with detection of registration expiration with multiple contact information [VS-1462]
  • fix issue with client restart in cloud or client mode (force stop client service) [VS-1463]
  • fix write to tar file when there is no disk space and cleanup is performed [VS-1440]
  • accept cleanup_calls_period parameter even if quick_save_cdr is enabled [VS-1471]
  • better proxy detection (fixes some cases not detected as proxy) [VS-1475]
  • revert default config/voipmonitor.conf to rtp tar setting: lzo/no-gzip
  • fix partition deletion for cdr_stat - force to keep active partition (for case of low cleandatabase_cdr_stat parameter) [VS-1477]
  • fix problem with concurrent creation of partitions from multiple sensors [VS-1477]
  • automatically enable mysql_enable_new_store=per_query (if 'no') if mysql_enable_set_id is enabled and if there are no conflicts in the configuration
  • fix value limitation in a/b_rtcp_loss columns, fix parsing a/b_rtcp_loss from rtcp. Fixes 'Out of range value for column 'b_rtcp_loss' at row' [VS-1480]
  • realtime concurrent calls fraud fixes - faster detach of calls from fraud logs in cleanup_calls [VS-1482]
  • fix automatic cleaning when disk space is low

31.7.5 22.06.2023

  • fix race in handle_dtmf leading to crash [VS-1456]

31.7.4 22.06.2023

  • fix some cleaning ssl issues [VS-1452]
  • fix live sniffer saving for older databases [VS-1454]
  • fix issue when there are same call-id INVITEs without any responses [VS-1440]

31.7.3 09.06.2023

  • cdr trends (special aggregation table) now stores src/dst MOS score with respect of the direction. MOS will now represents sender or receiver only and not MIN(src/dst)

31.7.2 08.06.2023

  • fix caching_sha2_password issue

31.7.1 07.06.2023

  • fix 31.7
  • modify the assignment of the rtp stream to the rtcp packet [VS-1451]

31.7 06.06.2023

  • limit autocleanpool logs to the sensor log once per hour to prevent spamming of the sensor log [VS-1392]
  • always use the persistent mode for the ssl store sessions in the [VS-1107]
  • mark high TLB in log file [VS-1056]
  • use base64 format to store packets in live sniffer for all types of configurations [VS-1443]
  • do not count some 4XX to NER
  • add 3XX,4XX,5XX,6XX counters to the stats
  • new parameter ignore_mos_degradation_in_rtp_pause_without_seq_gap with default value 1000ms prevents low MOS score when RTP stream has GAP with valid RTP timestamp continuation but without SEQ gap. This was previously marked as packet loss due to some older asterisk behaviour. Now those calls will not lower MOS score if the gap is >= 1 second.
  • fix proxy detection for some cases [VS-1450]
  • fix broken RTP reading when 401 was received (broken since new multibranch) [VS-1446]
  • fix GRE header length detection [VS-1438]
  • fix one way audio wav generation for some case [VG-2612]

31.6 20.04.2023

  • new option interface_ip_filter_quick - default enabled [VS-1428]
  • force termination of read thread if it does not respond during a sniffer termination/restart
  • diameter - fix potential overflow in payload length detection [VS-1420]
  • diameter - diameter_time_overlap, diameter_ignore_domain [VS-142]
  • fix saving cdr flags of sdp media data type [VG-2607]
  • fix free spool space detection - use f_bavail instead of f_bfree [VG-2598]
  • fix mos intervals for rare cases [VS-1187]

31.5 21.03.2023

  • implemented fast b-tree ip filter for the interface_ip_filter configuration option [VS-1428]
  • simplification of entering regular expressions for custom headers - a simple expression without parentheses (subresult) serves as a simple match [VS-1427]
  • add support for erspan type III
  • add support for wolfssl keylogger [VS-1426]
  • add redirect queue limit if set mysql_redirect_cdr_queue=yes
  • fix crash in mgcp [VS-1429]

31.4 15.03.2023

  • add new cdr flag for safe spool directory [VG-1804]
  • add parameter load-rtp-pcap for debugging rtp/srtp packet
  • support for diameter protocol storing into pcap [VS-1420]
  • fix race condition in mirror/server mode if packetbuffer disk cache is enabled [VS-1422]
  • speed optimization for the interface_ip_filter parameter

31.3 20.02.2023

  • fix issue with hep/ipfix with interface=any [VS-1401]
  • add workaround for wrong protocol set by kamailio (default yes) [VS-1414]
  • add support for saving cdr trends by destination ip [VG-2570]
  • add configuration parameter dpdk_timer_reset_interval for set interval for reset dpdk timer (default is 60s) [VS-1416]

31.2.3 07.02.2023

  • fix MOS score is 0 in case there is only one RTP stream (broken since 31.2) - fix DB: update cdr set mos_min_mult10 = b_mos_min_mult10 where a_mos_min_mult10 is null and b_mos_min_mult10 is not null and mos_min_mult10 = 0 and calldate >= date(now()); truncate chart_cache;

31.2.2 07.02.2023

  • change default value for ignore_mos_degradation_for_contiguous_packet_loss_greater_than back to 1024 (there are still many calls which get low MOS score due to transfered RTP eselwhere which is treated as packet loss)

31.2.1 01.02.2023

  • fix crash in srtp [VS-1415]

31.2 31.01.2023

  • better CPU load debug log in syslog [VS-1409] [VS-1410] [VS-1411]
  • proper column limit in cdr rtcp (preventing INSERT when STRICT is enabled) [VS-1408]
  • add 'ip_only' option for deduplicate_ipheader configuration value; if enabled, only ip addresses from the ip header are counted in md5 [VS-1391]
  • add useragent in change cdr country and change register country alerts [VG-2569]
  • keep packet flags in defragmentation (fixes audiocodes mirroring) [VS-1403]
  • fix average mos interval calculations when packet loss is sonsecutive over 10 seconds intervals [VS-1412]

31.1 17.01.2023

  • fix proper source/destination main RTP stream selection for some corner cases - (broken since 2022-05-01)
  • do not ignore RTCP if the report block contains NULL SSRC [VS-1405]
  • set ssl_ignore_error_invalid_mac to yes (decryption will work if mac does not fit) [VS-1398]
  • new parameters max_sip_packets_in_call (default is 20000) and max_invite_packets_in_call (default is 10000) which limits the number of packets in a call to prevent OOM [VS-1322]
  • new parameter check_diff_ssrc_on_same_ip_port (default yes) [VS-1403]

31.0.2 04.01.2023

  • optimization of condition in PreProcessPacket::process_SIP_EXTEND

31.0.1 04.01.2022

  • fix crash in ssl

31.0 03.01.2022

  • performance optimizations in t2-s thread
  • add tls 1.0 and 1.1 decryption support (only with keys from kyelogger) [VS-1326]
  • enable netmask in ssl_ipport parameter, enable multiple keys in ssl_ipport parameter (comma separator), enable reverse ip:port detection for ssl_ipport (if set parameter ssl_ipport_reverse_enable = yes)
  • add port columns to the register_state/register_failed tables. Support for filtering register port [VS-1232]
  • fix issue with combination of parameters savertp, saveudptl [VS-1381]
  • added support for HP_ERM encapsulation [VS-1192]
  • run updateSpoolDataDir function only in specified time interval or if insufficient free disk space is evaluated [VS-1385]
  • add 'Only if IP changed' field to 'change cdr/register country' alerts [VS-1386]
  • fix GRE IPV6 [VS-1389]
  • UDP defrag fixes: with negative traillen value, add option to ignore udp checksum (deduplicate_udpheader_ignore_checksum - enabled by default) [VS-1391]
  • DPDK changes/fixes: -fix indication of current traffic speed, variable initialization bug, check cpu core assignment for dpdk threads [VS-1388]
  • disable save-energylevels option when mysql < 5.6.1 (missing function from_base64) [VS-1393]
  • store digest_username from proxy authorization to cdr [VS-1054]
  • speed up billing recalculation
  • vmcodecs can be now used in server/client and cloud mode [VS-1395]
  • add rules to set country code using ip dst/src address filters [VS-876]
  • fix creating new database (cb_group* tables have to be created before other tables) [VS-1400]
  • add IP Groups into register filtering [VG-2457]
  • hep - adding json payload parsing for hep/sip, adding hep-client-emulation parameter for hep testing [VS-1401]