31.7.3 09.06.2023

  • cdr trends (special aggregation table) now stores src/dst MOS score with respect of the direction. MOS will now represents sender or receiver only and not MIN(src/dst)

31.7.2 08.06.2023

  • fix caching_sha2_password issue

31.7.1 07.06.2023

  • fix 31.7
  • modify the assignment of the rtp stream to the rtcp packet [VS-1451]

31.7 06.06.2023

  • limit autocleanpool logs to the sensor log once per hour to prevent spamming of the sensor log [VS-1392]
  • always use the persistent mode for the ssl store sessions in the [VS-1107]
  • mark high TLB in log file [VS-1056]
  • use base64 format to store packets in live sniffer for all types of configurations [VS-1443]
  • do not count some 4XX to NER
  • add 3XX,4XX,5XX,6XX counters to the stats
  • new parameter ignore_mos_degradation_in_rtp_pause_without_seq_gap with default value 1000ms prevents low MOS score when RTP stream has GAP with valid RTP timestamp continuation but without SEQ gap. This was previously marked as packet loss due to some older asterisk behaviour. Now those calls will not lower MOS score if the gap is >= 1 second.
  • fix proxy detection for some cases [VS-1450]
  • fix broken RTP reading when 401 was received (broken since new multibranch) [VS-1446]
  • fix GRE header length detection [VS-1438]
  • fix one way audio wav generation for some case [VG-2612]

31.6 20.04.2023

  • new option interface_ip_filter_quick - default enabled [VS-1428]
  • force termination of read thread if it does not respond during a sniffer termination/restart
  • diameter - fix potential overflow in payload length detection [VS-1420]
  • diameter - diameter_time_overlap, diameter_ignore_domain [VS-142]
  • fix saving cdr flags of sdp media data type [VG-2607]
  • fix free spool space detection - use f_bavail instead of f_bfree [VG-2598]
  • fix mos intervals for rare cases [VS-1187]

31.5 21.03.2023

  • implemented fast b-tree ip filter for the interface_ip_filter configuration option [VS-1428]
  • simplification of entering regular expressions for custom headers - a simple expression without parentheses (subresult) serves as a simple match [VS-1427]
  • add support for erspan type III
  • add support for wolfssl keylogger [VS-1426]
  • add redirect queue limit if set mysql_redirect_cdr_queue=yes
  • fix crash in mgcp [VS-1429]

31.4 15.03.2023

  • add new cdr flag for safe spool directory [VG-1804]
  • add parameter load-rtp-pcap for debugging rtp/srtp packet
  • support for diameter protocol storing into pcap [VS-1420]
  • fix race condition in mirror/server mode if packetbuffer disk cache is enabled [VS-1422]
  • speed optimization for the interface_ip_filter parameter

31.3 20.02.2023

  • fix issue with hep/ipfix with interface=any [VS-1401]
  • add workaround for wrong protocol set by kamailio (default yes) [VS-1414]
  • add support for saving cdr trends by destination ip [VG-2570]
  • add configuration parameter dpdk_timer_reset_interval for set interval for reset dpdk timer (default is 60s) [VS-1416]

31.2.3 07.02.2023

  • fix MOS score is 0 in case there is only one RTP stream (broken since 31.2) - fix DB: update cdr set mos_min_mult10 = b_mos_min_mult10 where a_mos_min_mult10 is null and b_mos_min_mult10 is not null and mos_min_mult10 = 0 and calldate >= date(now()); truncate chart_cache;

31.2.2 07.02.2023

  • change default value for ignore_mos_degradation_for_contiguous_packet_loss_greater_than back to 1024 (there are still many calls which get low MOS score due to transfered RTP eselwhere which is treated as packet loss)

31.2.1 01.02.2023

  • fix crash in srtp [VS-1415]

31.2 31.01.2023

  • better CPU load debug log in syslog [VS-1409] [VS-1410] [VS-1411]
  • proper column limit in cdr rtcp (preventing INSERT when STRICT is enabled) [VS-1408]
  • add 'ip_only' option for deduplicate_ipheader configuration value; if enabled, only ip addresses from the ip header are counted in md5 [VS-1391]
  • add useragent in change cdr country and change register country alerts [VG-2569]
  • keep packet flags in defragmentation (fixes audiocodes mirroring) [VS-1403]
  • fix average mos interval calculations when packet loss is sonsecutive over 10 seconds intervals [VS-1412]

31.1 17.01.2023

  • fix proper source/destination main RTP stream selection for some corner cases - (broken since 2022-05-01)
  • do not ignore RTCP if the report block contains NULL SSRC [VS-1405]
  • set ssl_ignore_error_invalid_mac to yes (decryption will work if mac does not fit) [VS-1398]
  • new parameters max_sip_packets_in_call (default is 20000) and max_invite_packets_in_call (default is 10000) which limits the number of packets in a call to prevent OOM [VS-1322]
  • new parameter check_diff_ssrc_on_same_ip_port (default yes) [VS-1403]

31.0.2 04.01.2023

  • optimization of condition in PreProcessPacket::process_SIP_EXTEND

31.0.1 04.01.2022

  • fix crash in ssl

31.0 03.01.2022

  • performance optimizations in t2-s thread
  • add tls 1.0 and 1.1 decryption support (only with keys from kyelogger) [VS-1326]
  • enable netmask in ssl_ipport parameter, enable multiple keys in ssl_ipport parameter (comma separator), enable reverse ip:port detection for ssl_ipport (if set parameter ssl_ipport_reverse_enable = yes)
  • add port columns to the register_state/register_failed tables. Support for filtering register port [VS-1232]
  • fix issue with combination of parameters savertp, saveudptl [VS-1381]
  • added support for HP_ERM encapsulation [VS-1192]
  • run updateSpoolDataDir function only in specified time interval or if insufficient free disk space is evaluated [VS-1385]
  • add 'Only if IP changed' field to 'change cdr/register country' alerts [VS-1386]
  • fix GRE IPV6 [VS-1389]
  • UDP defrag fixes: with negative traillen value, add option to ignore udp checksum (deduplicate_udpheader_ignore_checksum - enabled by default) [VS-1391]
  • DPDK changes/fixes: -fix indication of current traffic speed, variable initialization bug, check cpu core assignment for dpdk threads [VS-1388]
  • disable save-energylevels option when mysql < 5.6.1 (missing function from_base64) [VS-1393]
  • store digest_username from proxy authorization to cdr [VS-1054]
  • speed up billing recalculation
  • vmcodecs can be now used in server/client and cloud mode [VS-1395]
  • add rules to set country code using ip dst/src address filters [VS-876]
  • fix creating new database (cb_group* tables have to be created before other tables) [VS-1400]
  • add IP Groups into register filtering [VG-2457]
  • hep - adding json payload parsing for hep/sip, adding hep-client-emulation parameter for hep testing [VS-1401]

30.8.3 11.11.2022

  • change a way how sniffer detects if database is missing with each new connection (fixes connection lags on large databases)
  • disable load data from table sensor_config in cConfig::getJson if mysqlloadconfig=no
  • Document cdr_reason_reg_remove option plus fix a typo
  • Fix documetation typo and remove duplicit description of cdr_ua_reg_remove option

30.8.2 04.11.2022

  • fix register_failed.flags check
  • fix issue with defragmentation vxlan packets - add set length of encapsulation udp header [VS-1378]

30.8.1 01.11.2022

  • fix SRTP decryption if media type in sdp does not indicate that it is srtp [VS-1377]
  • fix alter for register_state/failed (missing AUTO_INCREMENT) if id is 32-bit
  • change permissions for pid file from 0666 to 0600 [VS-1357]

30.8 29.10.2022

  • added EVS codec support

30.7 27.10.2022

  • fix gitUpgrade configure [VG-2512]
  • fix tls decoding client_random keys [VS-1376]
  • stop processing RTP/RTCP if bye_timeout <= 10 [VS-1373]
  • new option audiocodes_sip_ports [VS-1349]

30.6 17.10.2022

  • new options cdr_reason_string_enable, cdr_reason_reg_remove [VS-137]
  • fix tcp reassembly crashes for long packets [VS-1173]

30.5 05.10.2022

  • adding parameter 'all_unlink_log' (NO/yes) for monitor all delete operations in spool [VS-1363]
  • create rtcp charts instead of tshark [VG-2536]
  • fix rtcp data - maxjitter cant be lower than avgjitter
  • adding cseq resolution to retransmission detection [VS-1367]
  • fix problem in SIP MESSAGE lastSipResponse if a 401 response is followed by a 200 response [VS-1360]
  • add parameter rtp_count_all_sequencegap_as_loss (NO/yes) [VG-2522]
  • fix audio sync if a stream that is embedded in a longer one contains significantly more packet loss [VS-1365]
  • add support for multiple tags in one custom header
  • let sniffer start even if it cannot change mysql query set innodb_compression_algorithm [VS-1371]
  • fix redirect responses causes calls to hung in active calls for minutes - added new option redirect_response_300_timeout with 300s default [VS-1370]
  • new config options audiocodes_rtp and audiocodes_rtcp [VS-1349]

30.4 13.09.2022

  • TCP reassembly optimization - excluding tcp fragments that start a stream and contain a sequence \r, \n and \0 characters [VS-1352]
  • exclude tcp links from processing unless they contain at least one packet whose beginning looks like a sip
  • fix RTP sequence overlap in analyzer
  • dtls/srtp fixes
  • fix condition comparing minimum length of rtcp data block
  • fix problem with starting daemon mode without specifying a configuration file
  • new parameter rtp_count_all_sequencegap_as_loss (NO/yes)
  • fix audio decode desync when there is DTMF (broken since 2019) [VS-1359]
  • modify capture rules by telnum - specific prefixes has now priority over generic prefixes [VS-1310]
  • change capture rules by ip - larger networks are processed first now

30.3 05.08.2022

  • fix situation when dtls "server hello" overtakes "client hello"
  • dtls fixes
  • always use only first BYE-OK or CANCEL-OK sequence for call duration [VS-1351]

30.2 14.7.2022

  • add support savertp=header for audiocodes [VS-1346]
  • fix result type in functions duration_active_us and connect_duration_active_us (from unsigned 32bit to unsigned 64bit) [VG-2496]
  • fix convert from wav to ogg for mono [VG-2499]
  • ignore in-dialog invite (if is it reverse via ip) for detect ip and proxy
  • fix memory leak in packetbuffer if dtls packets are assign to rtcp packet
  • adding ssl_dtls_queue_max_packets (default is 20) parameter to limit the number of packets per connection
  • fix RTP codec if codec was not in first invite
  • search for both sdp ip types (v4 and v6) if ipv6 is enabled [VG-2498]
  • tcpreassembly - better distribution between threads
  • suppress warning 'limiting configuration value sip_tcp_reassembly_stream_max_attempts...'
  • add option sip-message (YES/no) (SIP MESSAGE request can be now disabled)
  • fix keylogger compilation [VS-1345]

30.1 21.6.2022

  • added support for HEP encapsulation
  • fix manager command set_json_config & hot_restart in client/server mode (force stop sniffer service in server)
  • fix apply destination_number_mode=2 for multibranch call [VS-1330]
  • fix issue with bad packet order when tls leg is waiting for a key [VS-1327]
  • add port resolution to invite and proxies list
  • fix problem with silencedetect and clippingdetect and multiple rtp streams in the same direction [VS-1328]
  • fix issue with livesniffer when multiple sensors are selected in client/server mode and using packetbuffer_sender mode [VG-2484]
  • fix sql condition for manager command 'get_sensor_information configuration_db' [VG-2464]
  • fix long pcap extraction from tar when tar_compress_rtp = yes [VS-1329]
  • fix ss7/isdn when t2_boost is enabled [VS-1334]
  • adding direction (request/response) resolution to cdr and message custom headers
  • fix inconsistency in 'do not add colon' option in custom headers
  • fix apply explode-separators in multiple-string configuration item
  • accept in call processing response 481 in cseq method prack
  • add expert tls options ssl_aead_try_seq_backward / ssl_aead_try_seq_forward [VS-1319]
  • do not overwrite called number when using the update_dstnum_onanswer=yes option if called is same as caller [VS-1336]
  • add option disable_cdr_fields_rtp (NO/yes) which excludes storing RTP metric columns
  • TCP reassemble fixes - skip multiple CR/LF after sip data in checkOkSipData [VS-1339]
  • adding a registration port update in the registration table if subsequent registrations in the same group have different ports
  • fix initialization of fraud threads [VS-1341]
  • change default options for ssl_tls_12_sessionkey_mode = ws, ssl_dtls_queue = yes [VS-1338]
  • fix heap-buffer-overflow and potential crash if next ip-header is incorrect
  • redirecting data from ssl stream to sip processing if the data contains unencrypted valid sip content [VS-1331]
  • do server-side dtls-only comparison when searching for a dtls link [VS-1319]
  • fix find ipv6 ext header (if exists multiple ext headers)
  • fix potential packet buffer leak with very low traffic (and small packet buffer) if ssl=yes is set and if there are dtls packets
  • limiting packet storage to dtls queue to 'handshake' type only
  • limiting the use of dtls queue only if ssl_client_random is enabled
  • allow to disable live sniffer timeout warning [VG-2483]

30.0 28.04.2022

  • TCP reassemble is now more robust with many fixes
  • new configuration option sip_tcp_reassembly_stream_max_attempts (default is 10)
  • change default value of parameter sip_tcp_reassembly_stream_max_attempts to 50
  • use packet time for cleanup calls in 'read from file' mode
  • fraud alerts optimization - each fraud alert has its own queue processing [VG-2458]
  • fix port filter in live sniffer [VS-1309]
  • adding queue for dtls packets - solves problem with decryption for some cases [VS-1242]
  • fix database configuration options - 'Configuration values in mysql have a higher weight than the values in the text configuration file' [VG-2422]
  • fix ipdefrag for ESP protocol
  • fix potential crash in iphdr2::get_protocol if header contain ESP protocol
  • skip packets with invalid time
  • fix crash in parse_peername
  • fix parse phone number for cases - INVITE sip:1231234@[2231:1a1:3... [VS-1316]
  • fix potential race when splitting packets into reassembly threads
  • fix tar_move for long file (>=2GB)
  • hide cloud_token when generating debug log [VG-2474]
  • -run-droppartitions-maxdays will not delete cdr_stat and rtp_stat
  • fix database backup if source database does not contain all tables - new option option database_backup_check_src_tables [VS-1315]
  • do not set default port 5060 if not required [VG-2472]
  • fix git self update (close all descriptors before upgrade)
  • fix SIP hold/unhold detection
  • rtp hashing optimisation

29.2 02.03.2022

  • general performance optimisations for traffic with 3 000 000 RTP packets / second
  • add support for dlt DLT_LINUX_SLL2 [VS-1306]
  • fix crashes when pcap files are written in standalone pcap files - add lock to main write operations in FileZipHandler [VS-1278]
  • fix issue with IPPROTO_ESP
  • fix MGCP memory leaks [VS-1303]
  • disable reconfiguration of spooldir when processing capture rules on next invite [VS-1308]
  • fix race condition when t2_boost=no
  • fix some TLS decoding [VS-1242]
  • fix same configuration options across multiple configuration files [VS-1302]
  • fix TCP reassembly in case handshake is missing [VS-1300]

29.1.4 27.01.2022

  • disable splitting UA header by space when searching (space was OR) [VG-2429]
  • fix memory leak when sniffer configuration from web GUI was changed and reloaded (since 28.6 version) [VS-1297]
  • fix possible crash when tar=no and savertp and savesip is yes [VS-1278]

29.1.3 25.01.2022

  • fix ssl keylogger compliation [VS-1292]
  • fix rare crash [VS-1293]
  • fix issue in report logger [VG-2437]
  • support host:port in parameter --mysql-server [VG-2426]
  • fix rare case "RTP strem used in another call" [VS-1291]
  • in billing feature destination IP was taken from the first INVITE and not the one in case of multiple INVITEs [VG-2439]

29.1.2 13.01.2022

  • fix 29.1.1 static builds crashing

29.1.1 13.01.2022

  • fix rare crash
  • speed optimisations in memory allocations
  • modify peername parsing if the peername contains multiple entries and the tag also contains domain (sip:+123;npdi;rn=+123@example.com;user=phone SIP/2.0) [VS-1287]

29.1 20.12.2021

  • duration and connect duration is now counted up to confirmed BUY ignoring further RTP or other packets in a call. It can be changed by setting new option ignore_duration_after_bye_confirmed = no [VS-1266]
  • fix destination_number_mode=1 for some cases [VS-1264]
  • implemented moving closed tar files to another folder - new options tar_move* [VG-2359]
  • fix parsing t2_boost_pb_detach_thread
  • set thread to maximum priority when t2_boost_pb_detach_thread is enabled
  • in case of multi call invite set SIP domain destination to the right one [VS-1268]
  • performance optimisation for dpdk
  • custom_headers_max_size is now configurable [VS-1281]
  • fix utf parsing when reading pcap file - Illegal mix of collations [VS-1285]
  • fix unsafe timeout conditions in cleanup functions for client-server (fixes 29.0 version) [VS-1285]
  • fix mirroring: exclude sent packets to server from monitored traffic [VS-1286]

29.0 16.11.2021

  • experimental DPDK implementation documented here https://www.voipmonitor.org/doc/DPDK
  • enable t2_boost=yes in default configuration
  • implemented aggregated hour trends [VG-2304]
  • store time between first INVITE and TRYING into DB column response_time_100 [VG-2384]
  • added support for ether type 0x8926 [VS-1258]
  • new manager command listopentars
  • ss7_use_sam_subsequent_number is now yes by default
  • added CURL WAV convert end hook
  • added anonymisation of the sipdomain when exporting cdrs [VG-2355]
  • send call information: added support for json request, added support for send first or all matching packets, added send packet time [VG-2352]
  • added new parameter storing_cdr_maximum_cdr_per_iteration (default is 50000)
  • automate SQL compression selection when creating tables based on mysql / mariadb version [VG-2381]
  • fix tcp reassembly with multiple CR LF at end of sip data [VS-1254]
  • fix crash in ssl3_init_handshake_digests (dssl) if cipher suite is unknown [VS-1243]
  • fix packetization when creating audio - enable via new option fix_packetization_in_create_audio = yes (default is NO) [VG-2354]
  • fix issue with next invite with reponse 481 after confirmed bye [VS-1233]
  • fix i686 issue in filter_mysql
  • fix call cleanup_calls for scanpcapdir [VS-1248]
  • fix CDR storing - quicker thread creation, added number of calls in save threads
  • fix memory consumption when the disk buffer is full [VS-1231]
  • adjustment of time comparison in mirror client server mode which fixes timezone half hour offset [VS-1168]
  • adding locking in configuration maps which prevents crashing in some scenarios [VS-1222]
  • fix rtp stream analysis export for 'RTP stream analysis' in GUI - export original rtp.seq from packets
  • create cdr_rtp table with columns sport and dport
  • fix cleanup calls for client/server mode if client runnig with scanpcapdir option [VS-1254]
  • rebuild call and registration cleanup when time-inconsistent packet flows occurs - packet flows with old packets can be sent to the server from clients when the server is unavailable to the client and the client sends old packets for processing
  • multinvite calls - treated as cancelled number for all response 4xx (originally only for response 404)
  • fix problem with call durations in GUI active calls section [VS-1261] [VS-1262]
  • fix dssl library issue when failed session_id and key sent from keylogger, fix fragmented handshake in dtls, fix multiple crypto-suite in dtls [VS-1242]
  • adding the ability to decrypt tls_1.2 with a keylogger using wireshark decryption routines - enable by new option ssl_tls_12_sessionkey_mode = ws (default is dssl) [VS-1260]
  • adjust key receive timeout in dtls [VS-1242]
  • enable ssl initialization for dtls without setting ssl_ipport options [VS-1239]

28.8 17.08.2021

  • improved conditions for detecting one-way calls in case INVITE is passing A->B->C without any response from C [VS-1223]
  • fix problem with creating duplicate partitions for tables containing custom headers [VS-1213]
  • fix creating old partitions for custom headers tables in migration instance [VS_1230]
  • new option t2_boost_pb_detach_thread (default no) which splits load in packet buffer thread (needed for very high traffic >= 2500Mbit calls >= 30000) - this option has trade off + 1 CPU core.
  • ssl key logger option WRITE_THREAD 1/0, fix crash if ssl returns NULL key
  • reset RTP timeout (rtptimeout timer option) if RTCP packets arrive [VS-1234]
  • ssl reassembly fix - better solution for the rest of the data from previous reassembly results, fix dtls header parsing with extended protection profile content [VS-1216]
  • ignore extra trailing \r\n in sip data lenght verification in TCP reassembly (any SIP TCP with extra \r\n were ignored) [VS-1236]
  • disallow ipfix options if sniffer is configured to mirror packets
  • fix mysql_enable_new_store = per_query for custom headers and billing

28.7 26.07.2021

  • support for ipfix tunneling (ACME / ORACLE SBC mirroring) [VS-133]
  • support for '487 session canceled' in 'fraud sequential' alert
  • fix SSL keylogger which was not working if the program (kamailio / etc.) was forking
  • fix SSL keylogger compilation on Ubuntu

28.6 15.07.2021

  • fix crashes when handling 3XX SIP responses for calls which includes RTP streams (all verions) [VS-1214]
  • add digestrealm column to the register_state/_failed tables [VG-1875]
  • fix content line separator: LF (\n) - fixes parsing l: tag [VS-1207]
  • ssl keylogger - fix Makefile for 'make with_tcp' (debian 10 issue) [VS-1212]
  • fix rtcp_mux for rtps

28.5 29.06.2021

  • add support for ESP transport encapsulation
  • send call - implement authentification [VG-2309]
  • dtls 1.3 fix problem with the webrtc fragment length, fix fingerprint problem in sdp [

28.4.1 24.06.2021

  • fix crash when incorrect content is in dtls packet [VS-1202]

28.4 22.06.2021

  • DTLS RTP decryption support (needs keylogger) [VS-1202]
  • allow to run autocleanmingb / autocleanspoolminpercent outside cleanspool_enable_fromto option [VS-1183]
  • implement mrcp saving to pcap [VS-1167]

28.3 09.06.2021

  • fix race condition leading to crash (when SIP compression was changed to LZO the race occured more often silently corrupting heap)
  • ss7: use isup.subsequent_number for extend called number (if new configuration value "ss7_use_sam_subsequent_number" set to "yes") [VS-1188]
  • fix crash for some callerid when t2_boost_enable_call_find_threads is enabled
  • adding support for custom headers without automatically added trailing colon [VS-1204]

28.2 26.05.2021

  • fix rare random crashes in TCP reassembler introduced in 28.0
  • fix crash if sdp_multiplication=0
  • fix issue with caplen and snaplen when loading pcap with -r [VS-1199]
  • increase SIP processing threads to 4 and optimise first thread

28.1 06.05.2021

  • First line in SIP message (INVITE etc.) can be used in custom headers [VS-550] [VS-615] - use header field invite
  • fix race condition leading to crash for 3XX SIP calls

28.0 04.05.2021

  • automatically split "d" thread in t2cpu threads which is responsible for packet classifications - now it is possible to process >5Gbit traffic on slower GHZ CPUs.
  • automatically split "s" thread in t2cpu threads which parses SIP packets - now extreme SIP packet rate is possible on slower GHZ CPUs
  • speed optimisations in t2cpu threads (less memory copying)
  • add support for anonymization ip in pcap [VG-2281]
  • fix crash in jitterbuffer if packetization == 1 [VS-1186]
  • ignore process error for attempt to decrypt data without data-remaing from previous pass
  • add new option ssl_unlimited_reassembly_attempts (yes/NO) for enable unlimited attempts for reassembly if next packet with the same tcp.ack arrived
  • add support for crypto suites AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_80, AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_32 in srtp decode
  • allow comment # in voipmonitor.conf at the end of value [VS-1195]
  • fix crash when refreshing fraud in case option for storing pcap is enabled [VS-1189]

27.8 06.04.2021

  • fix issue with synchronizing very slow and fast traffic across multiple interfaces [VS-1177]
  • fix cases where MOS 50ms jitterbuffer was low when it should not be [VS-1178]
  • fix peername parse from header with tel: prefix [VS-1181]
  • tls/ssl: fix decrypting multiple handshake messages, added support for session ticket (restore master key from previous session)), new option ssl_ignore_error_bad_finished_digest (default yes) [VS-1179]

27.7.4 10.03.2021

  • fix interface = any and convert_dlt_sll2en10 option for SS7 pcap files

27.7.3 05.03.2021

  • fix name 'realm' json variable when filtering SIP REGISTER in active registration table [VG-2286]
  • add support for multi-sensor select in filters: registers, options/subscribe/notify [VG-2277]

27.7.2 02.03.2021

  • fix memory increase for hot_restart manager command [VS-1175]
  • fix memory leak in options/subscribe/notify [VS-1175]
  • add support for space separator in load ip and number groups
  • fix lock issue for fraud_refresh manager command

27.7.1 23.02.2021

  • fix race condition in SIP REGISTER which can lead to exhaust all memory [VS-1173]
  • fix sip history sql store for request/response SIP messages