31.5 21.03.2023

  • implemented fast b-tree ip filter for the interface_ip_filter configuration option [VS-1428]
  • simplification of entering regular expressions for custom headers - a simple expression without parentheses (subresult) serves as a simple match [VS-1427]
  • add support for erspan type III
  • add support for wolfssl keylogger [VS-1426]
  • add redirect queue limit if set mysql_redirect_cdr_queue=yes
  • fix crash in mgcp [VS-1429]

31.4 15.03.2023

  • add new cdr flag for safe spool directory [VG-1804]
  • add parameter load-rtp-pcap for debugging rtp/srtp packet
  • support for diameter protocol storing into pcap [VS-1420]
  • fix race condition in mirror/server mode if packetbuffer disk cache is enabled [VS-1422]
  • speed optimization for the interface_ip_filter parameter

31.3 20.02.2023

  • fix issue with hep/ipfix with interface=any [VS-1401]
  • add workaround for wrong protocol set by kamailio (default yes) [VS-1414]
  • add support for saving cdr trends by destination ip [VG-2570]
  • add configuration parameter dpdk_timer_reset_interval for set interval for reset dpdk timer (default is 60s) [VS-1416]

31.2.3 07.02.2023

  • fix MOS score is 0 in case there is only one RTP stream (broken since 31.2) - fix DB: update cdr set mos_min_mult10 = b_mos_min_mult10 where a_mos_min_mult10 is null and b_mos_min_mult10 is not null and mos_min_mult10 = 0 and calldate >= date(now()); truncate chart_cache;

31.2.2 07.02.2023

  • change default value for ignore_mos_degradation_for_contiguous_packet_loss_greater_than back to 1024 (there are still many calls which get low MOS score due to transfered RTP eselwhere which is treated as packet loss)

31.2.1 01.02.2023

  • fix crash in srtp [VS-1415]

31.2 31.01.2023

  • better CPU load debug log in syslog [VS-1409] [VS-1410] [VS-1411]
  • proper column limit in cdr rtcp (preventing INSERT when STRICT is enabled) [VS-1408]
  • add 'ip_only' option for deduplicate_ipheader configuration value; if enabled, only ip addresses from the ip header are counted in md5 [VS-1391]
  • add useragent in change cdr country and change register country alerts [VG-2569]
  • keep packet flags in defragmentation (fixes audiocodes mirroring) [VS-1403]
  • fix average mos interval calculations when packet loss is sonsecutive over 10 seconds intervals [VS-1412]

31.1 17.01.2023

  • fix proper source/destination main RTP stream selection for some corner cases - (broken since 2022-05-01)
  • do not ignore RTCP if the report block contains NULL SSRC [VS-1405]
  • set ssl_ignore_error_invalid_mac to yes (decryption will work if mac does not fit) [VS-1398]
  • new parameters max_sip_packets_in_call (default is 20000) and max_invite_packets_in_call (default is 10000) which limits the number of packets in a call to prevent OOM [VS-1322]
  • new parameter check_diff_ssrc_on_same_ip_port (default yes) [VS-1403]

31.0.2 04.01.2023

  • optimization of condition in PreProcessPacket::process_SIP_EXTEND

31.0.1 04.01.2022

  • fix crash in ssl

31.0 03.01.2022

  • performance optimizations in t2-s thread
  • add tls 1.0 and 1.1 decryption support (only with keys from kyelogger) [VS-1326]
  • enable netmask in ssl_ipport parameter, enable multiple keys in ssl_ipport parameter (comma separator), enable reverse ip:port detection for ssl_ipport (if set parameter ssl_ipport_reverse_enable = yes)
  • add port columns to the register_state/register_failed tables. Support for filtering register port [VS-1232]
  • fix issue with combination of parameters savertp, saveudptl [VS-1381]
  • added support for HP_ERM encapsulation [VS-1192]
  • run updateSpoolDataDir function only in specified time interval or if insufficient free disk space is evaluated [VS-1385]
  • add 'Only if IP changed' field to 'change cdr/register country' alerts [VS-1386]
  • fix GRE IPV6 [VS-1389]
  • UDP defrag fixes: with negative traillen value, add option to ignore udp checksum (deduplicate_udpheader_ignore_checksum - enabled by default) [VS-1391]
  • DPDK changes/fixes: -fix indication of current traffic speed, variable initialization bug, check cpu core assignment for dpdk threads [VS-1388]
  • disable save-energylevels option when mysql < 5.6.1 (missing function from_base64) [VS-1393]
  • store digest_username from proxy authorization to cdr [VS-1054]
  • speed up billing recalculation
  • vmcodecs can be now used in server/client and cloud mode [VS-1395]
  • add rules to set country code using ip dst/src address filters [VS-876]
  • fix creating new database (cb_group* tables have to be created before other tables) [VS-1400]
  • add IP Groups into register filtering [VG-2457]
  • hep - adding json payload parsing for hep/sip, adding hep-client-emulation parameter for hep testing [VS-1401]

30.8.3 11.11.2022

  • change a way how sniffer detects if database is missing with each new connection (fixes connection lags on large databases)
  • disable load data from table sensor_config in cConfig::getJson if mysqlloadconfig=no
  • Document cdr_reason_reg_remove option plus fix a typo
  • Fix documetation typo and remove duplicit description of cdr_ua_reg_remove option

30.8.2 04.11.2022

  • fix register_failed.flags check
  • fix issue with defragmentation vxlan packets - add set length of encapsulation udp header [VS-1378]

30.8.1 01.11.2022

  • fix SRTP decryption if media type in sdp does not indicate that it is srtp [VS-1377]
  • fix alter for register_state/failed (missing AUTO_INCREMENT) if id is 32-bit
  • change permissions for pid file from 0666 to 0600 [VS-1357]

30.8 29.10.2022

  • added EVS codec support

30.7 27.10.2022

  • fix gitUpgrade configure [VG-2512]
  • fix tls decoding client_random keys [VS-1376]
  • stop processing RTP/RTCP if bye_timeout <= 10 [VS-1373]
  • new option audiocodes_sip_ports [VS-1349]

30.6 17.10.2022

  • new options cdr_reason_string_enable, cdr_reason_reg_remove [VS-137]
  • fix tcp reassembly crashes for long packets [VS-1173]

30.5 05.10.2022

  • adding parameter 'all_unlink_log' (NO/yes) for monitor all delete operations in spool [VS-1363]
  • create rtcp charts instead of tshark [VG-2536]
  • fix rtcp data - maxjitter cant be lower than avgjitter
  • adding cseq resolution to retransmission detection [VS-1367]
  • fix problem in SIP MESSAGE lastSipResponse if a 401 response is followed by a 200 response [VS-1360]
  • add parameter rtp_count_all_sequencegap_as_loss (NO/yes) [VG-2522]
  • fix audio sync if a stream that is embedded in a longer one contains significantly more packet loss [VS-1365]
  • add support for multiple tags in one custom header
  • let sniffer start even if it cannot change mysql query set innodb_compression_algorithm [VS-1371]
  • fix redirect responses causes calls to hung in active calls for minutes - added new option redirect_response_300_timeout with 300s default [VS-1370]
  • new config options audiocodes_rtp and audiocodes_rtcp [VS-1349]

30.4 13.09.2022

  • TCP reassembly optimization - excluding tcp fragments that start a stream and contain a sequence \r, \n and \0 characters [VS-1352]
  • exclude tcp links from processing unless they contain at least one packet whose beginning looks like a sip
  • fix RTP sequence overlap in analyzer
  • dtls/srtp fixes
  • fix condition comparing minimum length of rtcp data block
  • fix problem with starting daemon mode without specifying a configuration file
  • new parameter rtp_count_all_sequencegap_as_loss (NO/yes)
  • fix audio decode desync when there is DTMF (broken since 2019) [VS-1359]
  • modify capture rules by telnum - specific prefixes has now priority over generic prefixes [VS-1310]
  • change capture rules by ip - larger networks are processed first now

30.3 05.08.2022

  • fix situation when dtls "server hello" overtakes "client hello"
  • dtls fixes
  • always use only first BYE-OK or CANCEL-OK sequence for call duration [VS-1351]

30.2 14.7.2022

  • add support savertp=header for audiocodes [VS-1346]
  • fix result type in functions duration_active_us and connect_duration_active_us (from unsigned 32bit to unsigned 64bit) [VG-2496]
  • fix convert from wav to ogg for mono [VG-2499]
  • ignore in-dialog invite (if is it reverse via ip) for detect ip and proxy
  • fix memory leak in packetbuffer if dtls packets are assign to rtcp packet
  • adding ssl_dtls_queue_max_packets (default is 20) parameter to limit the number of packets per connection
  • fix RTP codec if codec was not in first invite
  • search for both sdp ip types (v4 and v6) if ipv6 is enabled [VG-2498]
  • tcpreassembly - better distribution between threads
  • suppress warning 'limiting configuration value sip_tcp_reassembly_stream_max_attempts...'
  • add option sip-message (YES/no) (SIP MESSAGE request can be now disabled)
  • fix keylogger compilation [VS-1345]

30.1 21.6.2022

  • added support for HEP encapsulation
  • fix manager command set_json_config & hot_restart in client/server mode (force stop sniffer service in server)
  • fix apply destination_number_mode=2 for multibranch call [VS-1330]
  • fix issue with bad packet order when tls leg is waiting for a key [VS-1327]
  • add port resolution to invite and proxies list
  • fix problem with silencedetect and clippingdetect and multiple rtp streams in the same direction [VS-1328]
  • fix issue with livesniffer when multiple sensors are selected in client/server mode and using packetbuffer_sender mode [VG-2484]
  • fix sql condition for manager command 'get_sensor_information configuration_db' [VG-2464]
  • fix long pcap extraction from tar when tar_compress_rtp = yes [VS-1329]
  • fix ss7/isdn when t2_boost is enabled [VS-1334]
  • adding direction (request/response) resolution to cdr and message custom headers
  • fix inconsistency in 'do not add colon' option in custom headers
  • fix apply explode-separators in multiple-string configuration item
  • accept in call processing response 481 in cseq method prack
  • add expert tls options ssl_aead_try_seq_backward / ssl_aead_try_seq_forward [VS-1319]
  • do not overwrite called number when using the update_dstnum_onanswer=yes option if called is same as caller [VS-1336]
  • add option disable_cdr_fields_rtp (NO/yes) which excludes storing RTP metric columns
  • TCP reassemble fixes - skip multiple CR/LF after sip data in checkOkSipData [VS-1339]
  • adding a registration port update in the registration table if subsequent registrations in the same group have different ports
  • fix initialization of fraud threads [VS-1341]
  • change default options for ssl_tls_12_sessionkey_mode = ws, ssl_dtls_queue = yes [VS-1338]
  • fix heap-buffer-overflow and potential crash if next ip-header is incorrect
  • redirecting data from ssl stream to sip processing if the data contains unencrypted valid sip content [VS-1331]
  • do server-side dtls-only comparison when searching for a dtls link [VS-1319]
  • fix find ipv6 ext header (if exists multiple ext headers)
  • fix potential packet buffer leak with very low traffic (and small packet buffer) if ssl=yes is set and if there are dtls packets
  • limiting packet storage to dtls queue to 'handshake' type only
  • limiting the use of dtls queue only if ssl_client_random is enabled
  • allow to disable live sniffer timeout warning [VG-2483]

30.0 28.04.2022

  • TCP reassemble is now more robust with many fixes
  • new configuration option sip_tcp_reassembly_stream_max_attempts (default is 10)
  • change default value of parameter sip_tcp_reassembly_stream_max_attempts to 50
  • use packet time for cleanup calls in 'read from file' mode
  • fraud alerts optimization - each fraud alert has its own queue processing [VG-2458]
  • fix port filter in live sniffer [VS-1309]
  • adding queue for dtls packets - solves problem with decryption for some cases [VS-1242]
  • fix database configuration options - 'Configuration values in mysql have a higher weight than the values in the text configuration file' [VG-2422]
  • fix ipdefrag for ESP protocol
  • fix potential crash in iphdr2::get_protocol if header contain ESP protocol
  • skip packets with invalid time
  • fix crash in parse_peername
  • fix parse phone number for cases - INVITE sip:1231234@[2231:1a1:3... [VS-1316]
  • fix potential race when splitting packets into reassembly threads
  • fix tar_move for long file (>=2GB)
  • hide cloud_token when generating debug log [VG-2474]
  • -run-droppartitions-maxdays will not delete cdr_stat and rtp_stat
  • fix database backup if source database does not contain all tables - new option option database_backup_check_src_tables [VS-1315]
  • do not set default port 5060 if not required [VG-2472]
  • fix git self update (close all descriptors before upgrade)
  • fix SIP hold/unhold detection
  • rtp hashing optimisation

29.2 02.03.2022

  • general performance optimisations for traffic with 3 000 000 RTP packets / second
  • add support for dlt DLT_LINUX_SLL2 [VS-1306]
  • fix crashes when pcap files are written in standalone pcap files - add lock to main write operations in FileZipHandler [VS-1278]
  • fix issue with IPPROTO_ESP
  • fix MGCP memory leaks [VS-1303]
  • disable reconfiguration of spooldir when processing capture rules on next invite [VS-1308]
  • fix race condition when t2_boost=no
  • fix some TLS decoding [VS-1242]
  • fix same configuration options across multiple configuration files [VS-1302]
  • fix TCP reassembly in case handshake is missing [VS-1300]

29.1.4 27.01.2022

  • disable splitting UA header by space when searching (space was OR) [VG-2429]
  • fix memory leak when sniffer configuration from web GUI was changed and reloaded (since 28.6 version) [VS-1297]
  • fix possible crash when tar=no and savertp and savesip is yes [VS-1278]

29.1.3 25.01.2022

  • fix ssl keylogger compliation [VS-1292]
  • fix rare crash [VS-1293]
  • fix issue in report logger [VG-2437]
  • support host:port in parameter --mysql-server [VG-2426]
  • fix rare case "RTP strem used in another call" [VS-1291]
  • in billing feature destination IP was taken from the first INVITE and not the one in case of multiple INVITEs [VG-2439]

29.1.2 13.01.2022

  • fix 29.1.1 static builds crashing

29.1.1 13.01.2022

  • fix rare crash
  • speed optimisations in memory allocations
  • modify peername parsing if the peername contains multiple entries and the tag also contains domain (sip:+123;npdi;rn=+123@example.com;user=phone SIP/2.0) [VS-1287]

29.1 20.12.2021

  • duration and connect duration is now counted up to confirmed BUY ignoring further RTP or other packets in a call. It can be changed by setting new option ignore_duration_after_bye_confirmed = no [VS-1266]
  • fix destination_number_mode=1 for some cases [VS-1264]
  • implemented moving closed tar files to another folder - new options tar_move* [VG-2359]
  • fix parsing t2_boost_pb_detach_thread
  • set thread to maximum priority when t2_boost_pb_detach_thread is enabled
  • in case of multi call invite set SIP domain destination to the right one [VS-1268]
  • performance optimisation for dpdk
  • custom_headers_max_size is now configurable [VS-1281]
  • fix utf parsing when reading pcap file - Illegal mix of collations [VS-1285]
  • fix unsafe timeout conditions in cleanup functions for client-server (fixes 29.0 version) [VS-1285]
  • fix mirroring: exclude sent packets to server from monitored traffic [VS-1286]

29.0 16.11.2021

  • experimental DPDK implementation documented here https://www.voipmonitor.org/doc/DPDK
  • enable t2_boost=yes in default configuration
  • implemented aggregated hour trends [VG-2304]
  • store time between first INVITE and TRYING into DB column response_time_100 [VG-2384]
  • added support for ether type 0x8926 [VS-1258]
  • new manager command listopentars
  • ss7_use_sam_subsequent_number is now yes by default
  • added CURL WAV convert end hook
  • added anonymisation of the sipdomain when exporting cdrs [VG-2355]
  • send call information: added support for json request, added support for send first or all matching packets, added send packet time [VG-2352]
  • added new parameter storing_cdr_maximum_cdr_per_iteration (default is 50000)
  • automate SQL compression selection when creating tables based on mysql / mariadb version [VG-2381]
  • fix tcp reassembly with multiple CR LF at end of sip data [VS-1254]
  • fix crash in ssl3_init_handshake_digests (dssl) if cipher suite is unknown [VS-1243]
  • fix packetization when creating audio - enable via new option fix_packetization_in_create_audio = yes (default is NO) [VG-2354]
  • fix issue with next invite with reponse 481 after confirmed bye [VS-1233]
  • fix i686 issue in filter_mysql
  • fix call cleanup_calls for scanpcapdir [VS-1248]
  • fix CDR storing - quicker thread creation, added number of calls in save threads
  • fix memory consumption when the disk buffer is full [VS-1231]
  • adjustment of time comparison in mirror client server mode which fixes timezone half hour offset [VS-1168]
  • adding locking in configuration maps which prevents crashing in some scenarios [VS-1222]
  • fix rtp stream analysis export for 'RTP stream analysis' in GUI - export original rtp.seq from packets
  • create cdr_rtp table with columns sport and dport
  • fix cleanup calls for client/server mode if client runnig with scanpcapdir option [VS-1254]
  • rebuild call and registration cleanup when time-inconsistent packet flows occurs - packet flows with old packets can be sent to the server from clients when the server is unavailable to the client and the client sends old packets for processing
  • multinvite calls - treated as cancelled number for all response 4xx (originally only for response 404)
  • fix problem with call durations in GUI active calls section [VS-1261] [VS-1262]
  • fix dssl library issue when failed session_id and key sent from keylogger, fix fragmented handshake in dtls, fix multiple crypto-suite in dtls [VS-1242]
  • adding the ability to decrypt tls_1.2 with a keylogger using wireshark decryption routines - enable by new option ssl_tls_12_sessionkey_mode = ws (default is dssl) [VS-1260]
  • adjust key receive timeout in dtls [VS-1242]
  • enable ssl initialization for dtls without setting ssl_ipport options [VS-1239]

28.8 17.08.2021

  • improved conditions for detecting one-way calls in case INVITE is passing A->B->C without any response from C [VS-1223]
  • fix problem with creating duplicate partitions for tables containing custom headers [VS-1213]
  • fix creating old partitions for custom headers tables in migration instance [VS_1230]
  • new option t2_boost_pb_detach_thread (default no) which splits load in packet buffer thread (needed for very high traffic >= 2500Mbit calls >= 30000) - this option has trade off + 1 CPU core.
  • ssl key logger option WRITE_THREAD 1/0, fix crash if ssl returns NULL key
  • reset RTP timeout (rtptimeout timer option) if RTCP packets arrive [VS-1234]
  • ssl reassembly fix - better solution for the rest of the data from previous reassembly results, fix dtls header parsing with extended protection profile content [VS-1216]
  • ignore extra trailing \r\n in sip data lenght verification in TCP reassembly (any SIP TCP with extra \r\n were ignored) [VS-1236]
  • disallow ipfix options if sniffer is configured to mirror packets
  • fix mysql_enable_new_store = per_query for custom headers and billing

28.7 26.07.2021

  • support for ipfix tunneling (ACME / ORACLE SBC mirroring) [VS-133]
  • support for '487 session canceled' in 'fraud sequential' alert
  • fix SSL keylogger which was not working if the program (kamailio / etc.) was forking
  • fix SSL keylogger compilation on Ubuntu

28.6 15.07.2021

  • fix crashes when handling 3XX SIP responses for calls which includes RTP streams (all verions) [VS-1214]
  • add digestrealm column to the register_state/_failed tables [VG-1875]
  • fix content line separator: LF (\n) - fixes parsing l: tag [VS-1207]
  • ssl keylogger - fix Makefile for 'make with_tcp' (debian 10 issue) [VS-1212]
  • fix rtcp_mux for rtps

28.5 29.06.2021

  • add support for ESP transport encapsulation
  • send call - implement authentification [VG-2309]
  • dtls 1.3 fix problem with the webrtc fragment length, fix fingerprint problem in sdp [

28.4.1 24.06.2021

  • fix crash when incorrect content is in dtls packet [VS-1202]

28.4 22.06.2021

  • DTLS RTP decryption support (needs keylogger) [VS-1202]
  • allow to run autocleanmingb / autocleanspoolminpercent outside cleanspool_enable_fromto option [VS-1183]
  • implement mrcp saving to pcap [VS-1167]

28.3 09.06.2021

  • fix race condition leading to crash (when SIP compression was changed to LZO the race occured more often silently corrupting heap)
  • ss7: use isup.subsequent_number for extend called number (if new configuration value "ss7_use_sam_subsequent_number" set to "yes") [VS-1188]
  • fix crash for some callerid when t2_boost_enable_call_find_threads is enabled
  • adding support for custom headers without automatically added trailing colon [VS-1204]

28.2 26.05.2021

  • fix rare random crashes in TCP reassembler introduced in 28.0
  • fix crash if sdp_multiplication=0
  • fix issue with caplen and snaplen when loading pcap with -r [VS-1199]
  • increase SIP processing threads to 4 and optimise first thread

28.1 06.05.2021

  • First line in SIP message (INVITE etc.) can be used in custom headers [VS-550] [VS-615] - use header field invite
  • fix race condition leading to crash for 3XX SIP calls

28.0 04.05.2021

  • automatically split "d" thread in t2cpu threads which is responsible for packet classifications - now it is possible to process >5Gbit traffic on slower GHZ CPUs.
  • automatically split "s" thread in t2cpu threads which parses SIP packets - now extreme SIP packet rate is possible on slower GHZ CPUs
  • speed optimisations in t2cpu threads (less memory copying)
  • add support for anonymization ip in pcap [VG-2281]
  • fix crash in jitterbuffer if packetization == 1 [VS-1186]
  • ignore process error for attempt to decrypt data without data-remaing from previous pass
  • add new option ssl_unlimited_reassembly_attempts (yes/NO) for enable unlimited attempts for reassembly if next packet with the same tcp.ack arrived
  • add support for crypto suites AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_80, AES_CM_256_HMAC_SHA1_32 in srtp decode
  • allow comment # in voipmonitor.conf at the end of value [VS-1195]
  • fix crash when refreshing fraud in case option for storing pcap is enabled [VS-1189]

27.8 06.04.2021

  • fix issue with synchronizing very slow and fast traffic across multiple interfaces [VS-1177]
  • fix cases where MOS 50ms jitterbuffer was low when it should not be [VS-1178]
  • fix peername parse from header with tel: prefix [VS-1181]
  • tls/ssl: fix decrypting multiple handshake messages, added support for session ticket (restore master key from previous session)), new option ssl_ignore_error_bad_finished_digest (default yes) [VS-1179]

27.7.4 10.03.2021

  • fix interface = any and convert_dlt_sll2en10 option for SS7 pcap files

27.7.3 05.03.2021

  • fix name 'realm' json variable when filtering SIP REGISTER in active registration table [VG-2286]
  • add support for multi-sensor select in filters: registers, options/subscribe/notify [VG-2277]

27.7.2 02.03.2021

  • fix memory increase for hot_restart manager command [VS-1175]
  • fix memory leak in options/subscribe/notify [VS-1175]
  • add support for space separator in load ip and number groups
  • fix lock issue for fraud_refresh manager command

27.7.1 23.02.2021

  • fix race condition in SIP REGISTER which can lead to exhaust all memory [VS-1173]
  • fix sip history sql store for request/response SIP messages

27.7 18.02.2021

  • add support for ss7/rudp (ss7_rudp_port = 7000)

27.6.1 16.02.2021

  • fix syslog spam in cloud version [VS-1171]

27.6 15.02.2021

  • fix buffer overflow in memcpy which can lead to remote code execution when live sniffer is enabled through GUI (credit to Sandro Gauci)
  • add support for Sonus STP SS7 stream [VS-1160]
  • client/server - fix situation when server/client has different time which leads to use all memory in buffers [VS-1161]
  • fix saveaudio_answeronly = yes for some cases [VS-1139]
  • fix counting RTPC as RTP at the beginning of a call [VS-1117]
  • ssl key logger - new define option 'DEBUG_TO_SYSLOG'
  • new options livesniffer_timeout_s (default 0 [s]) and livesniffer_tablesize_max_mb (default 0 [MB]) [VS-2243]
  • new options for OPTION, NOTIFY, SUBSCRIBE which controls how those messages are paired -- sip-msg-compare-ip-src (YES/no)- sip-msg-compare-ip-dst (YES/no) - sip-msg-compare-port-src (YES/no) - sip-msg-compare-port-dst (yes/NO) - sip-msg-compare-number-src (YES/no) - sip-msg-compare-number-dst (YES/no)- sip-msg-compare-domain-src (YES/no)- sip-msg-compare-domain-dst (YES/no) [VG-2271]
  • fix ssl keyloger (missing pthread.h on some systems) [VS-1131]
  • add option database_backup_to_date (see voipmonitor.conf) [VS-1162]

27.5 21.01.2021

  • video support - saving video RTP to pcap, new savertp_video = NO/yes/hdear/cdr_only [VS-312]
  • add new alert 'concurrent calls drop' [VG-2229]
  • fix memory/packetbuffer leak if call contains invite and message and if exists multiple rd threads

27.4 30.12.2020

  • added capture rules for sip options/subscribe/notify [VS-919]