Redundant database

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Since sniffer 10 the voipmonitor has feature which mirrors data from some remote sniffer database to another database. It replicates all partitions from certain date increasingly syncing data to secondary database. You can have unlimited number of slave databases just for offloading or for backup purpose. Here is example of the configuration which will initiate full backup from 2014-06-10 from mysql server on to localhost database creating the whole schema.

This is /etc/voipmonitor.conf file on slave mysql database server:

sqldriver = mysql
mysqlcompress = yes
mysqlhost =
mysqldb = voipmonitor
cdr_partition = yes
mysqltable = cdr
mysqlusername = root
mysqlpassword = neupk,2
database_backup_from_date = 2014-06-10
database_backup_from_mysqlhost =
database_backup_from_mysqldb = voipmonitor
database_backup_from_mysqlusername = root
database_backup_from_mysqlpassword = pass
database_backup_pause = 3
database_backup_insert_threads = 3
cleandatabase = 70
cdr_sipport = yes
cdr_rtpport = yes

run the voipmonitor

/etc/init.d/voipmonitor start 

or test manually with:

voipmonitor --config-file /etc/voipmonitor.conf -k -v 1